Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jennifer Lopez separated Casper Smart: The improbable reasons for their break – Pure People

What has really happened between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart? While the media were speculating on a possible upcoming wedding and pregnancy rumors have recently surfaced, the singer of 47 years finally caught everyone short of deciding to end her relationship with the dancer. Despite a brief separation in 2014, the couple attended for five years and was recently photographed accomplice and fusion. There was no indication such a decision, then!

In the confidences delivered Wednesday to magazine People with the entourage of the American star, it evoked a break amicably dated of “ weeks ” which took place “ without drama .” A few hours later, new revelations have surfaced and we must admit that they singularly contrast with earlier statements. According to TMZ , bomba latina left his companion last Saturday (20 August) after it has stood her up.

Jennifer Lopez (which is currently filming the series Shade of Blue in New York) and had to go to a charity gala organized in the Hamptons. But things did not go as she wanted to. “ She told Casper it was very important that accompanies the event. But it was not packed because he desperately wanted to be with his friends to attend the MMA fight that pitted Conor McGregor to Nate Diaz in Las Vegas , “say our colleagues. On site, Casper Smart “ had a good time ” and even found Kanye West, with whom he took a picture. Across the country, on the East Coast, the former wife of Marc Anthony was just green with rage. “ She got mad and ended their relationship … no discussion. Simply ‘It’s over between us ‘,” says TMZ .

in Las Vegas, Casper Smart, however had no idea what had happened. By crossing friends, the young choreographer had even told them he would be back the next day (Sunday, August 21) in New York to visit his sweetheart on the set of the series Shade of Blue … the story does not say if the lovebirds met again, but their entourage said: this is not the first time they separate and no one would be surprised to see the patch things up (again ).



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