The actress Natalie Portman at the premiere of “Jane Got A Gun “in Paris January 24, 2016 – Kamil Zihnioglu / AP / SIPA

Natalie Portman longer lives in Paris and obviously, she is relieved. The American actress, married to
 French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, returned to settle in Los Angeles after living two years in Paris. A stay in the City of Light which has not left him with lasting memories

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In an interview during the talk show Jimmy Kimmel, actress star of Star Wars has made some startling confidences mocking politeness codes to the French and our lack of kindness.

Always say “Hello”

“All world smiles a lot here [in Los Angeles]. It’s nice. They are … cold, France. I had not realized I was accustomed myself until I came here and I was very surprised, “she told the presenter and comedian.

“A friend told me that he had to say” Hello “before saying anything when you arrive somewhere and wait for the response, added the actress. If you walk into a store, you can not say directly “You would have this in another size?” For they will think you are rude and will be rude to you. “

The French not casual enough

the French certainly have a lot of faults, but this is the first time someone accused of being too polite. Natalie Portman has been visibly in any case somewhat traumatized by her stay with us. Earlier in the week the actress told the British newspaper The Guardian that she found the French too in judgment.

“The French are in the judgment, in any case in Paris, about the way you are but also what you wear. You can never wear sports clothes on the street or even sandals, shorts or bright colors, “she had said.

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