Monday, August 29, 2016

MTV VMAs: Beyoncé reigned in majesty on the ceremony – Paris Match

Beyonce was the big winner on Sunday evening to the Video Music Awards (VMA) of MTV, winning the main prize for “Training”, punch video which evokes the police violence against African-American.

With 11 nominations, Beyonce favorite was leaving Sunday before the ceremony of the Video Music Awards (VMA). The star has ignited the Madison Square Garden with a stunning performance and dedicated his award “to the people of New Orleans.” This town in the southern United States inspired the video “Training”, directed by Melina Matsoukas, who evokes Hurricane Katrina and the Creole culture of Louisiana. “Training,” from the concept album “Lemonade”, had created controversy and placed the pop star on a more political ground than usual.

The Queen Beyoncé has also shown his talent and vitality in a performance of more than ten minutes. As an introduction, a scenography where young women in white dress fall one after the other, within red light reminiscent of a pool of blood. Like angels slaughtered a shot. Superstar 34 years has also brought with it the VMAs Sunday blacks young mothers killed by police in recent years, including that of Michael Brown. She then went on to dragging her virginal mantle to take a more demonic appearance, revealing a black body, hair nets and waders to sing the song “hold up” for which she received the VMA for Best Video of a female artist. It is about a woman who discovers her husband’s infidelity, a key theme of “Lemonade”, making widely echoed the rumors about the indiscretions of her husband, rapper Jay-Z. “What’s worse, jealous or mad? I prefer to be mad, “launched Beyoncé cameras before embarking on a” twerk “frenzied.

” Training “also received more technical VMA as the price of the long video, the assembly , photography or realization. “Queen Bey” has won a total of 8 VMA at this event which puts tied for the largest number of prizes in an evening with Lady Gaga and Norwegians a-ha, who ignited dance floors in 80s, but it’s Peter Gabriel remains the champion with 10 VMA time “Sledgehammer”.

Britney Spears had the tough task of succeeding him on stage with “Make me …” , song from his new album “Glory” in a body with yellow rhinestones and a lascivious dance, but unconvincing. Singer Alicia Keys, who carries more makeup to protest against the dictates of beauty imposed on women by society, recited a poem inspired by Martin Luther King and sung a cappella. This August 28 is the anniversary of the famous speech of MLK and his dream. Rihanna, who received the Vanguard award honoring his career, was the other star of the evening. The pop star 28 years old with green eyes dedicated his award to his home island of Barbados. She started the evening by heating the Madison Square Garden with a mix of his “hits” on the most famous hip-hop choreography and performance raggamuffin tinged rhythms including its “Work” tube. She then electrified the hall with video animation where it seems struck by lightning for the title “Better Have my Money” before closing in gala dress for a more intimate solo.

Among the winners, Drake won the award for best hip hop video for his worldwide hit “Bling Hotline”. Stuck in traffic, he arrived too late to receive his statuette but he delivered the tribute to Rihanna, her “best friend”. The rumor that the two stars have recovered all short for months. The quick hug they shared on stage was distraught social networks.

A regular of the VMAs, where he regularly creates controversy, Kanye West has engaged in a grandiloquent and rambling speech he has the secret. “Yeezy” evoked the video for her song “Famous” where it appears in a giant bed alongside many celebrities bare -for sosies- as singer Taylor Swift, or the Republican presidential candidate and reality TV star Donald Trump. “We came in the same boat now we are in the same bed”, launched Kanye West, before changing his mind, perhaps because he remembered that blacks arrived as slaves.

Among the other winners, “Blackstar” fire David Bowie was awarded the prize for best art direction and Calvin Harris one of the best male artist video for “this is What you came for,” as interpreted by. .. Rihanna.

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