Saturday, August 27, 2016

Natalie Portman tackle (yet) the French – Paris Match

Natalie Portman told Jimmy Kimmel that she found too rigid French. She had already criticized earlier this week the attitude of Parisians.

Really, Natalie Portman does not have good memories of his time in France. Married to choreographer Benjamin Millepied, she lived two years in Paris. Two years he seems to have left a bitter memory. In the “Guardian”, she had said earlier this week that she thought the French were too much in “judgment”. “The French are in the judgment in any case to Paris, about the way you are but also what you wear. You can never wear sports clothes on the street or even sandals, shorts or bright colors, “she had said.

As the French Bashing is the Overseas mode, did not hesitate to put a layer during the talk show Jimmy Kimmel. According to her, the French do not smile enough. “They are … cold, France. I had not realized I was accustomed myself until I came here and I was very surprised, “she recounted, comparing this attitude to that of the Americans, still smiling after her . “When someone smiles to my child, I say to myself” What a kind person, “people are really lovely here,” she launched yet.

According to her the French are too rigid and complicated, “I feel that a lot of politeness rules and codes of behavior to follow this more relaxed here.” the French too polite This is a.? critical yet seldom made in respect of the French, who have rather the opposite reputation. But not by Natalie Portman, shocked to have to always say “Hello” when “we go somewhere.” “A friend taught me that had to say “Hello” before saying anything when you arrive somewhere and wait for a response. If you walk into a store, you can not say directly “you would have this in another size?” Because they think you are rude and will be rude to you, “said the actress returned to Los Angeles from. anyway, it seems that Natalie Portman has also forgotten how the French are likely … Not sure that despite their politeness, they tell him “thank you” this time.

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