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DIRECT. Rock en Seine 2016: all the highlights of the first day – USAinformations

21.30 On the stage of Industry and Culturebox, instead blues with Clutch . Founded in the 90s in Maryland, the group balance sober and impeccable show. The agile deep voice of Neil Fallon pace the hot Paris night. Good rock, classic, which does not stain and has its place in the eclectic program this year .
20.45 Two Door Cinema Club are a thunderous entrance on the Main Stage. The audience a bit drowsy waking up suddenly.
20.35 We take the paris: Djeuhdjoah and Lieutenant Nicholson will take a few months misfortune. A guitar and keyboards, the two Parisians share the mic with a potato and biting irony in French that score. Surrounded by a drummer and a bass player, these Bear buddies held their mini afro-disco anthems and science groove with a contagious euphoria. They occur for “Equatorial Congo Airlines concert” on the small stage Ile-de-France but we are sure to find the next year on a bigger stage in their measurement.
20.10 After being desired minutes, Damian Marley , dreadlocks ankle, joins musicians and singers who accompany him to ignite the scene the waterfall. “Are you ready?” The public, who already dance for five minutes, it is acquired. He jumps, sways, raises his hands, at the discretion of the son of King Bob. “France, do you know Bruno Mars? Do you like marijuana?” In both cases, the public response is unequivocal.
20.08 It was questionable if the festival were not to be confused by the “Cashless”, the new payment system put in place this year at Parc de Saint-Cloud and excludes any payment currency. Every spectator has a microchip bracelet that can recharge in the tens of banquaires dissiminés wickets inside the festival. See the queues that, as in previous years, unfold before the food stands, we say that the system was adopted by the public.
19.30 After playing their flagship title “Bad Blood” with which the group was known in 2013, Bastille begins the funky “Good Grief”. Between songs, the singer walks on stage and heated the audience with a few french words: “Are you okay?”. It will even step over the safety barriers to take a walkabout. And it jostles the side of many fans to take a photo. The festival
form a triangle with their hands, referring to the group’s logo. Bastille plunges the big stage in a club atmosphere of the 90s with their cover of “Rhythm of the Night”. At the end of each verse, the singer seated all the public to better jump on the chorus.
The set ends with the tube “Pompeii”, the public gets the “Heho” the chorus …

The concert is live on Culturebox.

19.10 The crowd is compact for the Brian Jonestown Massacre on the stage of Industry and laggards come running. Le.temps has passed since the documentary “Dig” which was made known in 2004 but the leader Anton Newcombe has always remained true to himself, without compromise. Musically speaking. Because physically he never much looked like Neil Young with its huge paws graying. And it is no longer at war against the whole world. Dressed all in white (looking somewhat guru) he drive his five black musicians regularly overflowing banks of the psychedelic side of the garage. It is cooler, Rock en Seine breathes and looks back bewildered Joan Gion and cymbals figurehead.

18.39 After taking a bath of energy and sweat to the crowd, Anderson Paak ends with the opening bars of “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie.

18.25 When Anderson Paak slips battery, grouve redoubled power and tickles the plexus: nirvana.

18.00 Paak starts very strong on the stage of the Cascade: white dress, smiling and talkative, the new protege of Dr Dre gives back with faux James Brown tunes. His group, The Free Nationals, a group of friends to the smiles from ear to ear whose members like rush to express their joy, is equally impressive.

The protégé of Dr. Dre at Rock en Seine

Dr Dre protégé to Rock en Seine

© Gilles Scarella / FTV Studio

17.59 Small but mighty! Guitar and ultra-basic battery (two drums and two cymbals). A mini group. But an incredible energy. The English Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman wear the colors of Slaves since 2013 and to all those who wonder why be punk today, they bring a scathing response. For that ! To this way of giving everything on stage, to keep intact the spirit of rock rebellion, engaging lyrics and feverish notes. The audience, many, follows on the stage Live Pressure answers their call and moves on ultra short pieces, it has pogote St. Cloud.

The crazy duo Slaves Rock en Seine

The crazy duo Slaves Rock en Seine

© Pierre-Yves Grenu

17.40 Adrien Soleiman ends his show by saying that her album ” Brille “will be released on 23 September.

game End for Adrien Soleiman

End of game for Adrien Soleiman

© Laure Narlian

17.32 “Hit me love …” The lament Adrien Soleiman is overdue on the stage of the Cascade before which no shadow corner permits to receuillir. So, lovers of dreamy songs Parisien have fallen back on a lawn area adjacent sloping.

17.10 “You good toast? (…) Are you ready to sweat? Ok you said yes, then we’ll do it!” lance singer Caravan Palace , this French group that mixes gypsy jazz and electronic music with an infectious energy. The audience of the Main Stage adheres!

16.48 Logic is definitely a hip-hop discovery that knows its classic old school. After unsheathed the first bars of “Jump” of House of Pain, a hit that works every time, even by 36 degrees, he resumed with class and impeccable phrasing virtuoso extract a title of A Tribe Called Quest. Respect.

16.40 The green brigade is in charge of cleaning the festival site, under the sign of eco-responsibility.

16.20 “my name Logic . and the only thing that I represent is peace and love.” On the stage of the Cascade, rapper Logic has just started his set. It occupies the scene of a end to end, prompting the audience to follow with “hands up”. He even throw his own. With the heat wave, even computers are too hot. Logic tells how he likes to play in different countries for a technician’s computer elevates beatmaker with a towel.

16.09 After 40 minutes of concert shows in hand, Theo Lawrence and the Hearts thank the public and invites him to find the Village of the disc, stand “economic “Festival.

16.00 Bombino pushed up the atmosphere on the big stage. Tuareg dressed in traditional clothing, the four musicians, two guitars, bass, drums, give voice electricity waving while the drummer, very involved, ensures rhythmic trance. A singer has joined them. “She was stuck in traffic,” says bassist ..

The lead singer guitarist Tuareg Bombino at  Rock en Seine

The guitarist singer of the Tuareg group Bombino at Rock en Seine

© Gilles Scarella / FTV Studio

15.55 before all the scenes, the aim of synonyms shadows of a (relative) cool. Organizers distributed water points and giant misters throughout the site to enable festival goers to cope with the heat.

The festival has just begun Places to &  amp;. # 39; shadow are popular.

The festival has just started. The seats in the shade are very popular.

© Adrien Morcuende / Culturebox

15.30 the first chords resonate on the big stage with the Nigerian rocker Omara “ Bombino ” Moctar.

Bombino at Rock en Seine

Bombino at Rock en Seine

© Culturebox / screenshot

This is the first concert broadcast live on our website.
Simultaneously, Theo Lawrence and the Hearts take to the Stage of Industry, àn few hundred meters away. It left for the 2016 vintage Parisian festival, marked this year by a large eclecticism, with many artists rap, electro and world musicians.


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