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Rushes, flops and disguise: 10 things to know about Maren Ade – The Obs

1 “Vater”

“Toni Erdmann” tells the story of a business girl that his father, Prof. sixty-eighter music, trying to pull his early depression by his incessant jokes.

This character comic compulsive inspired the father of Maren Ade, 39, whose propensity to farce would be significantly higher than the rest of humanity. My father, this funny? He was at the Palais des Festivals during the film this Friday.

CANNES. “Toni Erdmann,” The Bluff

2 Couple

The companion Maren Ade, Ulrich Köhler, is also director . They are part of the “Berlin School” informal movement that includes half a dozen filmmakers participating in the revival of German auteur cinema.

Köhler distinguished himself by signing three feature films including “Bungalow” (2002) and especially “Montag” (2006), a young doctor wandering through Germany.

3 bides

Before the Cannes triumph “Toni Erdmann”, France has bizarrely snubbed the first two films of Maren Ade: “the Forest for the Trees”, Special jury prize at Sundance, n is never left home, and “Everyone Else”, yet dedicated by critics and pledged a silver bear in Berlin in 2009, has registered in France as 1,614 entries on its release in late 2010.

4 Production

During his studies at the Munich film school, Maren Ade was destined to become a producer. She is too. His company, Komplizen, co-founded in 2000 with Janine Jackowski, is the origin of his own films and a dozen other works, such as the highly acclaimed “Tabu” by Portuguese director Miguel Gomes.

5 Inspirations

She said inspiration of John Cassavetes. For “Everyone Else”, the reference is “Scenes from a Marriage” by Bergman. And for “Toni Erdmann”? “I was thinking of Andy Kaufman, American comedian 1970 Milos Forman turned his biography with Jim Carrey [" Man on the Moon ", Editor's note] .”

Andy Kaufman. (Kobal-AFP)

6 1300 hours

The nascent legend “Toni Erdmann” says the filmmaker would have accumulated nearly 1,300 hours of rushes.

“I turn the maximum versions of the same scene, so as to choose the assembly.”

7 Bucharest

“Everyone Else” took place far from Germany, Sardinia. “Toni Erdmann” plant decor in Bucharest business districts:

“The economic reality of an emerging country like Romania seemed more like spectacular backdrop Countless companies. Foreign who settled there to get their piece of the pie. “

8 Casting

the success of” Toni Erdmann “is largely due to its actors, febrile Sandra Hüller thirty to sixty zinzin Peter Simonischek.

CANNES. Hysteria “Toni Erdmann”

Maren Ade selected them during a casting, in which fifteen actors tried their luck.

“Once your choice is fixed, you have resolved three-quarters of the problems a shoot. “

9 costume

the comic madness movie owes much to a bulky costume that electrifies a hilarious scene.

The disguise. (KOBAL-A. THUILLIER-AFP)

Where the hell Maren Ade she dug such accoutrement?

“This is a traditional Bulgarian costume that I discovered during writing the film. He mentioned, by its texture and incredible form, the monster of a cartoon from Pixar. “

10 method

Eight years separate “Everyone Else” from “Toni Erdmann.” Why so long?

“First, I produced other films during this period. And then my method requires a lot of preparation. I have long been investigating the corporate world expatriates in Romania , worked for months on the script, repeated upstream with the actors. This is not a whim, just my way of proceeding. “

Guillaume Loison


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