Thursday, August 18, 2016

Harry Potter: three collections of stories come out in a few days – L’Express

Harry Potter and the Cursed Children will be the last installment in the series.” JK Rowling, the mother of the saga, had essentially ended the adventures of the most famous wizard of the 2000s with the release of the room, then the script of the epilogue (she was only supervised) this story in seven parts. She also said the same thing in 2007 after publication of the final volume of the barrel of the saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. If these “promises” are those who believe in it, nothing prevents to expand the world of Hogwarts witchcraft school and its students.

STORIES & gt; & gt; Harry Potter and Child Cursed sells like chocolate frogs but disappoints

Duly noted. This Wednesday on the website Pottermore, has just announced the opening of the line Pottermore Presents, a series of e-books on the universe Harry Potter expected for September 6. Good news for young fans: they will come out first in English and French and will be translated into German, Japanese, Dutch … These books, all written by J. K. Rowling, Pottermore compiles texts on pre-published and original passages.

Add-ins to expand the universe

Of the three books, we find (unofficial translation of title):

Hogwarts: the unreliable and incomplete guide , which “reveals the smallest school recesses, whether its ghosts or what happens when the Sorting Hat (who guesses the talents and the personalities of the new students) do not decide which house to send new students. ”

– In Short Stories of Hogwarts, political and poltergeists pochetrons, the English promises to unveil “the dark side of the wizarding world,” as the description of prisons Azkaban, the wizarding world of Guantanamo.

– Finally, in Short Stories Hogwarts: heroes, hobbies and other Dangerousness , this will be the teachers and other adults in the school which will be highlighted.

Three “guides” that will allow fans to learn more and more about the backstage of this rich universe. A story without the main character, who never ceases to expand: the first part of the film Fantastic Beasts is scheduled for November and a new trailer was unveiled during the Olympics.


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