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Angoulême Festival 2016 – Day 4: Sophie Marceau and Soko against type – Screenrush

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Angoulême Festival 2016 – Day 4: Sophie Marceau and Soko against type

By Brigitte Baronnet ▪ Saturday, August 27, 2016 – 2:15 p.m.

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After Isabelle Adjani, Sophie Marceau, in turn, created the event at the Angoulême Festival to present his new film the Taularde. Soko was also present two feature films. Back on some of the highlights of the fourth day.

After Isabelle Adjani, it was Sophie Marceau’s turn to create the event in Angoulême Francophone Film Festival. Venue open the Festival two years ago, accompanied by Patrick Bruel for comedy you want or you do not want the actress had this year a drama in which she plays a … Taularde, the movie title Audrey Estrougo. As two years ago, the festival were present in large numbers: 7 halls were opened to accommodate all the spectators came to see the Taularde a preview before its release on September 14

“. I really liked the first movie Audrey Estrougo, I found that there was a youth, know-how, the cinema and at the same time it is very socially engaged … comments Sophie Marceau in our mirco, explaining his desire to embark on this project. So finally I wanted to work with her, and when she spoke of Taularde from prison, I was like “let’s see there in the belly of the film. “She told me about this character, Matilda, because various whose film is taken … there was this character a romantic dimension of an act done by love for the cinema dimension, and after the harsh reality of this prison I do not know.

Soko on all fronts

the singer and actress Soko is in Angoulême not for one but two feature films of which she holds the poster: is the dancer Stephanie Di Giusto (release: September 28, 2016) and a military operation return outdoor Afghanistan alongside Ariane Labed in the country See Muriel and Delphine Coulin (release: September 7, 2016).

the scene

the sequence ‘Open opening night, 3rd feature by Edouard Baer, ​​presented last night in Angouleme. It shows Galabru in his latest movie role: it plays himself on the stage of a theater rehearsal. A hilarious scene in which the stage director keeps asking him to stop overplaying “Do nothing,” she repeats a monotone. Touching to find the last time for a hilarious scene! It will wait until January 18, 2017 to discover theaters Open night, this “nocturnal wandering in Paris” new fancy signed Edouard Baer, ​​an elegant film, delirious and poetic.

the song we liked to hear

Isabelle Huppert in the former star of Eurovision she signed a tube? In Remembrance Bavo Defurne (exit: December 21, 2016), in competition at Angoulême, the actress takes a role for the least expected: a forgotten singer now working in a pie factory! A young boxer, acting in his factory, played by Kevin Azaïs, will try to make him find his singing career. Tubes or not, the songs she sings are devilishly head!

The first time Sophie Desmarais

Among the jury members of this edition 2016 is the Quebecois actress Sophie Desmarais, notably view showing in France Sarah prefers Chloé Robichaud race . This is the first time she participates in a large festival jury. “ Here we go with our nature, our instinct, I do not think I have to change my outlook on things. (…) I have a technical look ent as an actress. There are things sometimes ttraversent that because I know how it’s done, how it is extraordinary. Or sometimes I see as laziness, and it can really bully my experience. I am looking for a work makes me vibrate through me.
does a particularly attractive for French cinema? “ When we see how the New Wave influenced the way you play, turn the emergency created. There is a legacy of that in movies, while we have our films can be influenced more by example the Actor Studio, something more American. But it is sure that I always found that french cinema was great insipirant. (…) I saw this week Uranus Claude Berri. it’s been awhile I had not seen. My God it’s moving this film! “

would she like to work in France? “ Yes, I am shown here. They offered me things, but it was not enough projects that were interesting. As I work a lot at home, I have no interest in doing projects that I will not do at home. If I just work here, not because I need to work but because I want a meeting with a director, a project, a strong text.

current events in the coming months:” I have worked on several television series in Quebec, one that we just finished with Marc-André Grondin, called the Impostor. if I play to the theater with us . “

Sarah’s trailer prefer the race with Sophie Desmarais, selected at Cannes in 2013, and released in France in 2014:


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