Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gypsy: Naomi Watts joins the series from Netflix – Screenrush

Naomi Watts will be displayed the head of “Gypsy” psychological thriller produced by Netflix in which she will play a therapist a little too close to the entourage of his patients.

Naomi Watts on Netflix, episode 2! Variety announced in effect that the actress, who recently participated in BoJack Horseman, held the main role of Gypsy, psychological thriller season 1 will be 10 one-hour episodes each. On camera, among others, Sam Taylor-Johnson which will notably carry out the pilot, the actress will play a therapist who starts to skid when it interferes in the lives of relatives of patients.

And it will not the only actress to turn to the series:

Daniel Craig, Emma Stone … the movie stars you see in the series soon

Created by Lisa Rubin, the series should be broadcast on the platform in 2017, the same year that season 3 of Twin Peaks, in which Naomi Watts should appear. Participation, the content remains to be defined but is already a beautiful twinkling knowing the fate insofar as Mulholland Drive, David Lynch has revealed that, initially designed as a pilot that ABC finally refused. And it’s probably a blessing in disguise, as the career of the actress would probably not have been the same.

Before the small screen, Naomi Watts is currently the largest in “Demolition”:

Demolition trailer


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