Monday, April 11, 2016

Prison, alcohol … Renaud says it all – Gala

Back in the bins with their first album since 2009, known as Still standing, but officially untitled, Renaud multiplies the interviews and book details of his life, including his moments of misery, often linked to his addiction to alcohol.

You still standing, despite the dark years behind him. Renaud is back, at 63, and released a new album Friday, the first for 10 years without a title, but usually referred to as his single, Always up . The opportunity for the singer to tell, in his songs, but also in interviews about his promo.

In Facebook First, the singer Mistral Winner had said “fart form”, there are several weeks.
I do not drink more than a drop of alcohol since 108 days, I only smoke 15 cigarettes per day maximum instead of two packs and a half.” He admitted that the presence of his son Malone played for much of his desire to stop drinking, gnawing on for so many years, and its separation Romane Serda.

In Europe 1, micro Thomas Sotto, he goes even further. On alcohol, he swears that there will touch more, and seems confident.
“I’m not afraid to plunge. I swear before God, before men, I will never replongerai! “

The artist does not hide, he speaks frankly of alcohol, in particular, whose addiction has rotted his last decade.
“Ten years of wandering, ten years lost in the mists of anise alcohol Marseille” . But the interpreter of Let Concrete surprised by speaking of a particular event, a stay in prison, which occurred on a Greek island. An episode of his life always linked to his alcohol addiction, that book France Sunday .

“That’s a true story on a Greek island, there are about ten years. I was riding on a scooter, smashed to ouzo ( note: a Mediterranean alcohol) . A cop beckons me: “Blow into the balloon” I spent a night in the drunk tank, a day at the police station, then back to the cell, before being tried on a nearby island You can imagine the.. atmosphere … I had tears in my eyes. Believe me, there was nothing glamorous in this mishap. “

Ashamed of this remembrance, the artist seems to keep the in memory to keep intact his desire to quit alcohol. It is now drowning in work, preparing a tour for the fall, the Phenix Tower and have even offered a song he wrote for another pope of French song, Johnny Hallyday.

Like dozens of others, I tried to place a song for Johnny Hallyday called Johnny Cash Blues . It’s a song that suits him well, that sticks well to the skin and which I expect a reply shortly. ”

After the course of sixty years, the artist he would offer a second life, wiser than the first?


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