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William Shakespeare and Miguel Cervantes did they meet? – Point

both were born in the sixteenth century, in 1564 for William in 1547 for Miguel. The time was the epic and picaresque adventures of the Man of La Mancha meet the battles Shakespearean kings, as his lost love and penalties are not so far from disappointed follies that saw the bold knight for his peasant Dulcinea. What ever that those who have seen birth and death, these two literary giants! Cervantes Spanish and Don Quixote almost unique work, and the English Shakespeare and his insane and prolific theater! This cultural influence, artistic, particularly in Spain, took the name Century gold while in England – kingdom who was trying to remain united – Elizabethan theater took an extraordinary boom. Yet cruel fate: one is celebrated, loved, played, adapted and the other is set aside. No tribute to Cervantes in Spain today: the country has no money, Alcalá de Henares, the birthplace of Cervantes, had to go begging for funds, for lack of a gesture of the state, and several large writers, including Javier Marías, revolted in the daily El País to denounce the attitude of the government that it deems offensive. Marías does not hesitate to compare the ways of the Francoist state.

In truth, our heroes do not die the same day (a different schedule of story). Cervantes turned off a few days before Shakespeare, but his funeral was held on 23 April. Regardless, the flamboyance of their literature is enough to dream. Would they met, talked, appreciated? The image is beautiful to imagine them conversing in each language, they helped one another and develop remarkably, Shakespeare by enriching thousands of words, Cervantes contributing to language Castilian that of the famous golden Age, although other languages, Basque, Asturian, Andalusian, etc. were still in use. And today Catalonia would like to recover some of the aura of Cervantes: would he not stayed in Barcelona

A piece of English on a frame of the Spanish

of course, the fictions have captured the idea of ​​this magnificent Franco-Hispanic meeting. Which scenario! Pierre Assouline recently recalled the film Miguel y William that made them fall in love with the same woman! These two personalities are characters in themselves and it is not very difficult to place one next to the other in a assistant theater in a room that is called Cardenio . Let us pause a moment on this Cardenio which Gallimard published in 2011 a research work by historian Roger Chartier Cardenio between Cervantes and Shakespeare and that would relate the story a lost play, performed in 1612, attributed to Shakespeare forty years later and whose plot is based on a new inserted in … Don Quixote! You follow?

But the best known of the “encounters” is the so-called Valladolid Anthony Burgess. British author imagines that the King’s Actors Gang (which Shakespeare was a shareholder and one of the principal authors of the pieces) would have played in Valladolid while the British Embassy came to the peace treaty between Spain and the England in 1605. Thus, Shakespeare would have met Cervantes, who would have hung out there after the printing of his Don Quixote . Why not?

Shakespeare could also read the adventures of Chevalier almost from its publication, since copies were circulating in England. In any case, he could hear about it, since the wanderings of the man of the Channel were among those told in these times when the story was law. Some authors, Shakespeare’s friends, would be inspired, Ben Jonson, among others. Why deny this dream of a Shakespeare who wrote Cardenio on a canvas borrowed from Cervantes? Besides, no one can say the number of plays written by him because it was not published (many of them were on after his death, thanks to two fellow actors of the troupe who published the famous ” folios. “) and still today, even very recently, Shakespeare’s identity continues to debate, questioning the word of many experts. (Read Shakespeare, how many suitors? Laroque François and Dominique Goy-Blanquet, available in digital edition here.)

One is dead at age 52 in his hometown birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, a town that lives of Shakespeare advertising, visits to his home, the cemetery, the church, the tour operators. The other, a diabetic, died at age 68 in Madrid. Both were famous in their lifetime: Cervantes will be known by storm since the release of his Don Quixote , Shakespeare has quickly received rave word-of-mouth. The poor who paid a penny, like the aristocrats who were entitled to the Globe Theatre wooden galleries, crowded representations of kings dramas that preceded the Tudors, reigning monarchy. The both of them had put in the heart of their work, the same question: what is a man? But Shakespeare died, almost old-fashioned. It has the honor of a special program “Shakespeare lives” worldwide, the River Thames will live at the time of the Bard with 37 films projected on 37 screens while birthday throughout this weekend April 23 and 24. Cervantes is not entitled, in this year of celebration, the pomp worthy of his genius.


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