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Prince, “a romantic spirit and punk” – Le Monde

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Marie France had suggested to Prince of wearing lace, inspired clothes of the eighteenth century, as the frilled shirts to replace

“you were on the other side of the room, you danced so hard, I felt your scent …” , whispered, in 1986, a French voice on the single, Girls & amp; Boys . This voice is that of Marie France, costume designer who worked with Prince for the filming of Purple Rain , in 1983.

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the French spent three years with the musician from Minneapolis, time three albums, Purple Rain , around the world in a day and Parade soundtrack Under the Cherry Moon , whose shooting was taking place in Nice.

Marie France Drouin, for civil status, had followed all the troop in the studio Paisley Park (Minnesota) to prepare the costumes for the film inspired by the 1930 Prince finished recording the album Parade , which was to be the soundtrack. “It was 20: 30 pm one evening when he asked to talk to me , she says. He wanted me to translate her a text in French and I come to read to the studio. I offered four versions because his little statement could be interpreted differently. And he told me “I do not understand the French, Marie France, do as you feel it.” I read my little gibberish and I said: “well, the next shot will be better.” Wendy and Lisa [group members Prince] Prince applauded and said “it’s good, it’s in the box.” “

the most visible collaboration with the French Prince, who lives in Los Angeles since 1979, is certainly the costumes for the film Purple Rain . She was recruited for women held by director Albert Magnoli who suggested him to help the team who looked after those of Prince: “They did as costumes for concerts. stage outfits and those of a movie are different. In concert, they must be seen from a distance. In film, the fabric must be impeccable because closer filming. “

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Laces & ruffles

At the first appointment, the musician the snubs, behind his glasses, listening with one ear and looking out the window: “He turned around when I said the director I wanted to make a good film and not a shit like Elvis Presley. That’s how I could show him my ideas. From the moment you understand his musical universe, his sensitivity and he did not want to be bothered to nonsense or to make conversation, everything was going very well. The key was to respect his universe. “

Marie France already knew Prince for having listened to the album Controversy (1981) and saw his first TV appearances: ” In his outfits, he there were together things with strings, very black clothes and then suddenly a flaming thing. He was already wearing his purple cloak. I wanted to accentuate his romantic spirit and punk at once. I tried to make the most powerful, magnified. “

She suggested he wear lace inspired clothing eighteenth th century, as the crops to replace ” his shirts enough ugly with small ruffles on the side. “

After the shoot, in which Prince avoids fittings decreeing that ” anyway, Marie France is the same size as [him] 1.60 m “, she followed on TV shows and clips: ” Prince was very mischievous, he always made me believe that he chose another outfit that I had selected lodge. And he said: “The French, they always make up stories.” He always ended up wearing what I chose. I am extremely grateful to him. And for my little participation on Girls & amp; Boys It was very generous. “


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