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Prince, the spirit of liberty at all costs – The Obs

Miles Davis said of him with admiration that he was “the Duke Ellington in the 1980s.” It was the era of “Sign O ‘The Times” (1987), one of the peaks of his work, which Prince sang the ravages of AIDS on synthetic rhythms:

“In France, skinny man died of a big disease with a little name “

” in France, a thin man died of a big disease nickname. ” Prince died at age 57 at his home in Paisley Park in Minneapolis, following a fatal flu, according to her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure

Prince. 3 reasons for having loved and still love

in the history of American funk, James Brown bore Sly Stone who bore Prince, virtuoso multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, drums, etc.). In 1978, he even played the twenty-seven musical instruments present on her debut album, “For You”. The 80s were the decade of its highest glory during which he emerged in public opinion as a cool and adventurous artist Michael Jackson.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis in 1956, a musician father of jazz, funk Prince is a branch of pop, marrying it with the rock. In the wake of Sly & amp; The Family Stone, which adopts the bassist Larry Graham in 1999, the American shuns cosmetic ghettos.

He who sings “If I Were Your Girl Friend” or “I’m not a man, I am not a woman “(” I would Die for U “) applies to invent the utopia of a post-racial and post-folk music genre. He recruits in its women’s groups (such as percussionist Sheila E.) and men of all colors or made for rock singers like Sheena Easton and the Bangles.

Up to 1 meter 58, the falsetto singer had won his first success in 1980 with “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Why You Wanna Treat me So Bad?”, the “Prince” album, written, played, arranged and produced by himself . An aesthetic model and copyright policy which revolutionized the old paternalism of American black music to Motown, with its feudal hierarchy.


Is this because he remembers monetary and addictive shipwrecks, shattered geniuses of the generation that preceded it, Marvin Gaye to Sly Stone? Prince’s obsession with economic freedom and artistic independence. In 1987, with gains of “Purple Rain”, he built Paisley Park, a complex of recording studios and film studios, with a meditation room, the Galaxy Room. Guarantee of independence.

His motto prolific composer entrepreneur? “If you do not possess your tapes, it is they who possess you.” In 1993, during the trial that pitted him against his house Warner Bros. disc, it appears in public with the word “slave” written on her cheek, because the company has the name Prince. He does not hesitate then to change its name to rename an unpronounceable name, symbol of love.

In an interview with “Guardian” in 2015, he still defended his strength independence against Internet:

“Give me the name of a musician who became rich thanks to digital sales …”

Prince was published in the fall of his memoirs under the title “the Beautiful Ones”, a song title of his disc “Purple Rain”

There was only one Prince. it is with these words that Aretha Franklin hosted the news of his death before his request if the singer did not die of Zika virus. “Long live the King” wrote Questlove, the drummer of the Roots, the risk to dethrone Elvis Presley.

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