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Prince leaves behind many heirs – The World

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The impact of the Golden Age of Prince is felt in the most inventive trends of contemporary R'n'B, whether Kanye West, The Weeknd, Miguel and even Rihanna .

If the death of Prince does not cause without doubt an emotional shock wave comparable to that aroused by the death of Michael Jackson (1958-2009), its impact among musicians could be higher. More inventive, bold, sexy and sulfur that ecumenical Jacksonian productions, the best discs of Prince dominate in terms of artistic influence those of the “King of Pop”, although the latter far exceeds in terms of commercial success.

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Do not do we tell that in 1982, Quincy Jones, then producer of Michael Jackson , entered the studio at the end of the Thriller sessions , with hand a copy of the album by Prince, 1999 , released at the same time, saying ” must synths sound like that!

clean Rhythms and digitized

Countless to have been dazzled by the virtuosity and stage performances of multi-instrumentalist Minneapolis, musicians are also floods to have been directly marked by its influence in such diverse genres as could be stylistic intermingling of this hybrid engineering.

from the second half of the 1980s, the way Prince has digitized and refined rhythm of his songs has a major influence on R & B at the time, called a time “new jack swing” with artists such as Bobby Brown Janet Jackson – Michael’s younger sister -. and R. Kelly Ginuwine or

in the 1990s, it is rather its instrumentalist qualities and falsetto which are engines of the renovation of the soul, or neosoul, led by musicians looking for live emotions and harmonic sophistication like D’Angelo, Bilal, the Roots, Macy Gray, Meshell Ndegeocello (or Jamiroquai England), all fans declared the “purple one” .

hip-hop’s advent also feeds the influence of Prince through samples of its securities, biases eccentric (Digital Underground), or by the fascination of the singer Andre 3000, co-leader of the group Outkast.

Marriage between R & B and electro

among his main disciples, recycling after her marriages rhythm’n ‘ blues and electronica, two units of American productions that revolutionize hip-hop and R’n’B 1990 and 2000. the Neptunes, trained by Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams and Timbaland (Jodeci, Missy Elliott …)

the quotes can be literal as the tube I’m a Slave 4 U Britney Spears (produced by the Neptunes) duplicated from the Nasty Girl that Prince wrote and produced for the girl group Vanity 6, or sublimate, such as the Drop it like it’s Hot Snoop Dogg, another successful Neptunes, revisiting the radical stripping Sign O ‘ the Times .

Despite two decades poor in exceptional moments, the impact of the princely golden age is stronger than ever in the most inventive trends R ‘ Contemporary n’B, whether Kanye West, The Weeknd, Miguel and even Rihanna (repeating on stage Darling Nikki ). Artists like Frank Ocean, Janelle Monae or Lady Gaga, celebrating as mutants mixtures that his way of using a liberating androgyny.

Marks on the French stage, as

Heir of the fusion energy of Sly & amp; the Family Stone, James Brown disciple has fed much of the class of Duke Ellington, melodic science Beatles of carnal virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix, than the more intellectual, Frank Zappa. As a result, its influence far beyond the sphere of Afro-American music.

The world of rock draws so long in the pool of his own music, voice or his looks. Whether on a hedonistic way, the way of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lenny Kravitz, as followers of a radical imagination, as Beck and Ween groups, Metronomy, Of Montreal or Dump, the bassist of Yo La project Tengo. Figures of “indie rock” can also borrow a more cerebral side, in the manner of St Vincent and the Dirty Projectors.

Often Parisian by adoption, Prince also scored the French stage, that it whether rock songs – Jean-Louis Aubert, Axel Bauer … -, funk Clintonian (FFF), electro (Daft Punk) or pop (Phoenix). Recently, we heard a Prince dose of Christine and the Queens and the Afro-Cuban-electro-soul duo Ibeyi formed by the twins Lisa and Naomi Diaz. Last year, during a concert at a club in Minneapolis, Franco-Cuban youth were also surprised to see the star witness their show before coming to chat in the dressing room.


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