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Man of Steel tonight on TF1: Ben Affleck approached, Henry Cavill is muscle costume makeover … All about the movie! – Screenrush

On the occasion of the Man of Steel broadcast tonight on TF1, here are 5 things to know about the blockbuster Zack Snyder led by Henry Cavill in the role of Superman.

What is it about?

A little boy discovers he has supernatural powers and that he was not born on Earth. Later, he joined a journey to understand where it comes from and why it was sent to our planet. But he will be a hero if he wants to save the world from total destruction and embody hope for all mankind.

Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder

1. Ben not heading (e)

Before Zack Snyder, this is Ben Affleck as the Man of Steel controls were proposed. But he declined the invitation because of his lack of experience in special effects: “One of the lessons I’ve learned is not to choose a film based on his budget, the amount spent on special effects or filming locations. This is the story that is important “ said the actor-director. Affleck will subsequently chose to slip into the skin of Batman in Batman v Superman.

2. Cornelian choice

Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Dianna Agron, Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kristen Bell, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and Jessica Biel: all were considered for the Lois Lane role ultimately awarded to Amy Adams. For the role of Martha Kent, Diane Lane was selected from Julianne Moore, Lisa Rinna and Sela Ward. In 1996, she was already the mother of a rather special child, Jack, played by Robin Williams. Finally, Viggo Mortensen was envisaged to play General Zod, before the role returns to Michael Shannon.

3. Muscular for good!

Zack Snyder insisted that the superhero looks very imposing character drawn by illustrator Jim Lee. Henry Cavill has been a very heavy physical preparation for several months, and also wishes to state that its imposing musculature is not the result of special effects. In his previous film Dead End (2012), the actor had to diminish his physical athletic acquired for Immortals in favor of that of a normal man.

4. New suit

The legendary Superman costume has undergone some changes for the reboot, despite the fierce will of Zack Snyder to keep wearing the traditional red underpants over blue tights. Instead, the superhero has in Man of Steel held a blue metallic with a “S” (hope in Kryptonian) more imposing. The cape has meanwhile been reconstructed using computer graphics for most scenes.

5. Crowe mentor Cavill

When Henry Cavill was 16, he was appearing in The Exchange worn by Russell Crowe because the film included a scene that was to be shot in his high school in Buckinghamshire in England. At this time, the teenager had told Crowe of his desire to become an actor. The star of Gladiator has very kindly replied something like “It’s not something obvious, but if it’s really what you want, then darkens” . A few days later, Crowe has sent a packet containing several gifts, including a picture of him in “Gladiator” accompanied by the following word: “A journey of 1000 km begins with a single step …” . When the two actors met more than 10 years later on the set of Man of Steel, they had fun with this story, especially that Crowe had also told the young Cavill: “Being an actor it ‘ is because the pay is good, but people treat you like s … “.

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