Sunday, July 19, 2015

Valerie Trierweiler revived the controversy of “no-teeth” on Twitter – Le Point

No one has forgotten the “tweetgate” Valérie Trierweiler. This message of support it had sent to Olivier Falorni, main rival Segolene Royal in the parliamentary in 2012 on the social network to the blue bird. A tweet that had caused a stir, and embarrassed her boyfriend at the time, the president Francois Hollande. If Valerie Trierweiler, aware of the damage done, had then somehow apologized, saying it would turn “seven times [s] is now before inch tweeter”, the latter now seems to have changed his mind. And do not hesitate to use the social network to launch barbs at head of state and government.

This was the case again Saturday night. Valerie Trierweiler has retweeted, that night, a message from a user who was speaking to the President of the Republic after his intervention on the price of meat: “The price of meat !! ?? J’m’en fucks me! I’m a #sansdents. valtrierfhollande. “

A small tackle subtle, sharp word” non-teeth “by making reference to the term François Hollande would use to speak of the poor, as revealed in his Valérie Trierweiler Book thank you for this moment Expression which had also not pleased the head of state. “I will not let challenging the design of my action in the service of French. Poorer, I am at their service and that is my reason for being. “

Valerie Trierweiler so would she still resentment towards the head of state? Maybe yes. The latter stated in any case, on the set of C to you there a few weeks to be satisfied that his book has an impact on the policy of his former companion: “I hope that it will take more conscience of those who are most disadvantaged in the country. “


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