Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In the land of Dracula, one pays its festival by giving his blood – Le Point

A small bite to attend a music festival? Why not. From 30 July to 2 August, artists and festival-goers will flock to Cluj-Napoca, a small town north of Romania, Transylvania. But until the festivities, organizers had the amazing idea to charge for music lovers with their blood. “Pay with blood”: it must be said that the slogan does not lack bite. Untold offers 30% discount to anyone who would make a blood donation in Romania one of the 42 blood centers before July 24. “Getting tickets for the festival Untold is simple. Just pay with your blood, “says the account twitter Adland.

The campaign, launched in partnership with the National Institute of Blood Transfusion, aims to educate the Romanian population to donate blood. According to the Institute, Romania is one of the European countries with the lowest number of active blood donors, 1.7% of the population. The vast majority of donors actually do because a family member needs a transfusion. “Given that Romania is facing an acute shortage of blood in medical facilities, a campaign inspired by myths to draw attention is welcome,” says festival director Bogdan Buta.

Dracula, vampire effigy

The festival took the image of the region, Transylvania, a land known for its vampires, the most famous among them, Dracula. “We were talking about how to integrate Dracula in our festival and that’s after seeing the numbers and the delay of Romania in blood donation that we had this idea,” says Stefana Giurgiu, director of public relations festival. We can see the famous bloodsucker dive transfusion on the poster. Untold provides 500 donors, according to the festival website. The offer seems to work well, with 45 donors were in the first half a day.

The campaign not only allowed a citizen movement. The festival has obtained, through this initiative, an unexpected international visibility, information having been taken over by the Guardian , the BBC and many other media. The programming is the least impressive: Avicii, David Guetta, the Wu-Tang Clan and Tom Odell will play alongside Romanian artists to fame more … National



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