Saturday, July 18, 2015

Disney is preparing a prequel of “Aladdin” – Le Point

“If you have always wondered how the genie had landed in the lamp …” begins The Hollywood Reporter. The US site reveals exclusively that Disney is preparing a live-action film (live action) on the Genie of the Lamp. If the cartoon telling the story of Aladdin, a young vagabond who seeks to win the heart of the beautiful Jasmine, the film will focus on the realm of geniuses, and specifically, how the poor genius is found enclosed in the lamp. It was Robin Williams, who died there nearly a year, in 1992 that embodied the American voice of the blue hero.

The New Adventures of Engineering will be written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The two thieves began their careers with horror films, such as Freddy against Jason , and exercise in comedy today. They revealed their collaboration on Twitter: “We are very excited about this project! Our profile photo matches the Disney character, a little strange. “

They also Thursday posted a photo of their cinema seats. They had gone to see Aladdin there almost 23 years and have treasured the evidence. “Thanks for your messages about Engineering . Aladdin is my favorite Disney, I even kept this. I, um … 8 years. “

Change of perspective

The film is, for now, only the development phase, but already so carries a name: Engineering . Disney is not at his first attempt. They had already tried to practice with the film Evil , which focused on the stepmother of Sleeping Beauty. The studios had resolved to tell the same story by focusing on the perspective of another character, the ugly. This time, the genius is certainly not a villain, but an equally interesting and mysterious character. Maybe do you know soon what he did to grant wishes for eternity.


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