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Prequel Aladdin: can the Engineering survive Robin Williams? – Cinema

Disney had two huge success by shooting live-action movies of his cult cartoons: Alice in Wonderland , Tim Burton , has passed the billion dollars in revenue in 2010, then Evil has raised over 750 million greenbacks four years later while offering Angelina Jolie one of his best roles. The Beauty and The Beast in The Jungle Book through Dumbo and even a feature film dedicated to the Prince Charming (key figure of the tales in general, not a knight in particular), the studio continues to announce new changes, more or less faithful to the cartoons.

Last dated Aladdin will be entitled to its prequel . Without the hero who falls in love with Jasmine, but dedicated to engineering. An “origin story” telling his (mis) adventures long before it is delivered to the lamp with the young man. Ideally, why not? Genius is one of the big strengths of the animated film released in 1992, if not the most cult figure. Telling her youth with other geniuses (the title is plural) could be interesting, but there is still a problem: his interpreter. Who could succeed Robin Williams , which has lent his voice to the character in the original version, which is no longer of this world since last summer? If the issue does not really arise for French audiences, who mostly heard the version of Richard Darbois -excellent also- Americans sometimes struggle to design the engineering without the special stamp of the player Circle of Poets Gone

& gt;. & gt; & gt; Back on the career of the great Robin Williams : Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin …

Especially that the actor had actually helped create the . character, improvising many things despite the constraints on dubbing Alan Menken , the composer of the songs of the animated film, explained it a few months ago: “He took of course with us. He was working on parallel Hook, he spent the day harnessed for ‘stealing’ and in the evening he would sit at the piano and he was training. When he recorded his voice, we were impressed. It was exactly the style of Fats Waller. Robin was amazing. The trumpet sound that imitates during the song, the “wah wah wah ‘, was to be played by an instrument, but he did it with his voice and it sounded so well. It is completely involved in our creative process . On ‘Friend Like Me’ and ‘Prince Ali’, mostly. It was unleashed on this piece! It was interpreted as he hosted the parade of Thanksgiving, but in the style of Arab songs. It was great. “

Can survive Engineering Robin Williams This will be the challenge with this prequel . By choosing to stake everything on that character, Disney takes a risk. It might have been easier to adapt directly the cartoon in live action as the studio is doing right now with the Emma Watson Beauty and The Beast . This would have to keep the cult songs, and more …

To tell the youth of Engineering, is a good way to justify the character’s voice change? Presumably, when he was an apprentice genius, the hero did not have the same timbre. But basically, the issue is not just about his voice. In the past , Disney (well more specifically Disney-Pixar) has decided to remove a character together with his interpreter. No way Doc Hudson survive Paul Newman. This was decided John Lasseter to the death of the actor in 2008. “We realized that Doc Hudson ‘was Paul Newman . The character was created for him after hearing him tell his passion for motor racing. In Cars 2, it pays tribute to Doc Hudson (through a picture of the car in a museum, ed, and the change of name of a prestigious award), while paying tribute to Paul Newman “.

The Genius is a special case,
For many spectators, the Genius ‘was’ Robin Williams, in the words of Lasseter but the studio has decided to revive its original character without interpreter. A situation which has in fact already occurred in the past. Following the success of Aladdin in 1992, Disney offered a following the animated film, The Return of Jafar , output directly to DVD in France two years later. In the original version, the Genius was not doubled by Robin Williams, who had been disappointed that the character is overfished with derivatives and refused to working with the firm. He was replaced by … the voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta . This collaboration has continued on the series animated Aladdin , from 1994 to 1998 and that the team of Simpson made a wink in the season 20 in 2008, when Dan lends her voice to both Homer and Engineering:

This famous doubler will he again engaged to Genies ? It is assumed that the hero will be animated performance capture and surrounded by real actors, and that Disney will therefore need a more than doubling of an actor (unless the Genie was human before suffering a curse?). For now, the project is being written and no announcement has been made on its cast.

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