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“While We’re Young”: Adam Driver en route to glory ** – Le Parisien

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When we find in a cozy suite at Bristol, close to the Elysée, which input striking is her impressive physique. Adam Driver, 31, reached the meter ninety-two. This brown with a deep voice, visiting Paris for the promotion of “While We’re Young” is almost unknown in France.

Except hooked on the TV series “Girls”, broadcast by the OCS.


But beware, like many other comedians, Adam Driver quickly interested the directors of cinema. “Between two episodes of Girls I got pretty lucky, he says. I was spotted by a casting Clint Eastwood for J. Edgar, then by Steven Spielberg for a role in Lincoln . Then in stride by the brothers Coen brothers for Inside Llewyn Davis . I obviously learned a lot with these actors directors, especially since I did not had destined me at all to this business. “

Indeed, this son of a pastor originally from Arkansas had chosen a career in the army. “I was then about to go to Iraq, when I made a severe fall bike, he says. The army reformed and me, not knowing what to do, friends suggested me to make dramatic art studies at the Julliard School. “

While we’re young
: Trailer UNDUB by inthefame

It will be cast in the upcoming” Star Wars “

Sage conversion for one who won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival 2014 for “Hungry Hearts”. Today here in “While We’re Young”, a small New York comedy well-crafted and entertaining. Josh’s history and Cornelia Srebnick (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts), who married quadras however, have not managed to have children but put up with it. Their meeting with Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried), a young free enough torque, brings new life to older …

“What I liked at Jamie, c ‘ is that it is kind of storyteller, manipulative and ambitious. He has great respect for the character of Ben Stiller, but he can not help but use him to achieve his ends. I admit that with Ben, who is a big star of comedy, I had a great time. Despite his status, he demonstrated incredible humility. “

Adam Driver is now one of Hollywood actors on which matters enormously. Will be seen this winter in “Star Wars Episode 7: The strength returns,” directed by JJ Abrams (exit 18 December). But he can not yet speak of its role. “I signed a very strict confidentiality agreement. Motus so! “

There is moreover no more eloquent on” Silence “, the new highly anticipated film by Martin Scorsese, he shot alongside Liam Neeson. “This is a project that the filmmaker wanted to do for a long time and tells the persecution of Catholics in the seventeenth th century Japan. “By then, Adam Driver will resume filming the fifth season of” Girls “. Surely the latest.

American Comedy Noah Baumbach, starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, Amanda Seyfried, Charles Grodin …
Time : 1 h 37

° * Not at all A little Moderately ** *** **** Many Passionately .

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