Monday, July 20, 2015

Valerie Trierweiler revives the controversy over the “no-teeth” on Twitter – L’Express

Valérie Trierweiler, revenge against Francois Hollande knows no respite. The former girlfriend of the President has split a retweet Saturday assassin. She chose to revive the controversy over the “no-teeth” by taking up the anti-Hollandchatgrincheux tweet, while government is positioned for better remuneration of meat producers.

To bounce back again on the subject of meat and “no-teeth”valtrier also tweeted Sunday that “meat is a luxury for many.” She recalled that the Secours Populaire, with which it has recently committed, distributed 181 500 million meals to people in need in France.

In his book thank you for this moment , Valerie Trierweiler revealed that Francois Hollande had repeatedly used the pictorial expression of “no-teeth” as a synonym of the poorest the French. The publication of this book-confession was followed by a few months the revelation of the secret romance of the President with actress Julie Gayet, precipitating the break with the journalist.


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