Friday, July 24, 2015

Mission: Impossible 5 will offer a preview Viennese – Le Figaro

PICTURES – Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and cast members of the fifth installment of the espionage saga were present for the premiere which was held July 23 . Austria

The temperature rises a few days before the release of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation . Scheduled for August 12 in France, the new adventures of Ethan Hunt are expected.

Witness the world premiere of the film, which was held July 23 in Vienna, Austria. Hundreds of onlookers were eager to meet the actors Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg and director Christopher McQuarrie. As always, the player in Minority Report was very close to his fans and did not hesitate to take pictures with them.

In this film, even more impossible missions remains to be done to Ethan Hunt despite the dissolution of his team. Alone against all, he decided to start his own team with Ilsa Fault (Rebecca Ferguson), British agent revoked, to combat the “Union”, and ruthless secret international organization. The institution wants to establish a new world order by very violent terrorist attacks.

And as usual, Tom Cruise personally assured waterfalls. The Paramount Pictures studios have indeed unveiled a new series of spectacular photographs, featuring the actor in some mythical action scenes. Among other feats, he plays the acrobats on a motorcycle, but destroyed the car in which he transports Simon Pegg or clinging to the fuselage of a plane ready to take off. You said impossible?


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