Monday, July 27, 2015

US Box Office: Ant-man resists Pixels – Le Figaro

The mini superhero Marvel continues to lead for the second straight week even though revenues were breathless. Before the comedy Adam Sandler tries to prevent an alien invasion inspired by the arcade games of the 1980s.

The super mini Hero Ant-Man , “the man ant” has kept the head of the North American box office for the second week although revenues were breathless. The latest Marvel, played by Paul Rudd, also with Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly, wins $ 24.7 million after 57.2 the previous weekend.

Pixels , a comedy in which Adam Sandler tries to prevent an alien invasion inspired by the arcade games of the 80s, comes second with $ 24 million in revenue.

The comedy pushes The Minions in third. The adventures of yellow capsules with glasses looking for a new master of evil still managed to garner 22 million for its operating third weekend.

In fourth place, comedy Crazy Amy Judd Apatow, the story of a young woman free and uninhibited away from relationships, it considers stifling and boring, gaining $ 17.3 million. It’s in a room projecting that movie 2 women were shot dead Thursday by a gunman who then killed himself in Lafayette Louisiana in the southern United States.

Rage stomach which features Jake Gyllenhaal boxer made an honorable beginning and ends up in 5th place with $ 16.5 million. Also fresh in theaters, Dark of Margo ( Towns Paper ) has raised $ 12.5 million.

Just behind the 7th place, the cartoon signed Disney / Pixar, Vice Versa , or the story of a little girl in the tumult of emotions, wins $ 7.3 million, ahead of the dinosaurs ” Jurassic World “(6.8 million).

At the bottom, Mr. Holmes which features Ian McKellen interpreting the famous detective at an advanced age (2.8 million) and Terminator Genisys , the fifth film in the series with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role but shunned by critics, harvest 2.4 million.


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