Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Françoise Hardy, who has cancer, stop the song – Le Figaro

The singer, 71, who suffers from lymphoma says have drawn a line under his long career fifty years.

“It’s funny because I’ve always lived knowing what I wanted and there, for the first time, I do not see what I could do,” confided the Personal message AFP receiving it a few days ago in the room of a clinic where she was recovering francilienne new chemotherapy sessions.

“If there is a reason why I’m not part like everyone thought, perhaps this reason she will emerge a few times?” questioned Françoise Hardy, firm voice despite the fatigue. She was able to go home last weekend after two months in this clinic and spring she calls “nightmare”. The idol of the sixties, 71, has been fighting since 2004 against lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

In March, she abruptly stopped promoting his latest book after a fall that caused him multiple fractures (femur, elbow, shoulder). Hospital, she remained unconscious for nearly three weeks that fear the worst for his family: “Some of the doctors thought I had no chance, they called Thomas (Dutronc, his son, also a singer) for him that it was the end and that prevents immediately his father (Jacques Dutronc, the songwriter and is separated today). ”

“Today I feel better,” she says, adding that her treatment will continue until the end of the summer. “I am against drugs, I took more drugs in four months than all the rest of my life …” breath, a bit fatalistic, this follower of herbal medicine, which details in his book certain experiences . alternative medicine not always shining

As for music, it ensures he had “no desire”, “I feel I have given what I could give more. Make songs texts is like having a small vein in itself and I always knew that one day this seam would be depleted. “

” Another reason is that from the moment I do not do scene (she dropped out concerts in 1968), we can not know what I do if there is a radio and TV programming. Now there are fewer and fewer emissions where I am likely to pass. It’s completely demoralizing to make an album when you know that no one will hear, “laments one that has published 27 albums in 50 years of career, All the boys and girls (1962 ) Mad Love (2012).

His last studio experience could be the recovery of Will you be there? Michel Berger, recorded a duet with Julien Clerc for the charity album against AIDS Kiss & amp; Love released last year.

Write if only one song for the next album of Jacques Dutronc? No way, “I do not mind …” she said. “There are plenty of texts by Thomas that would suit him. In the father and son, there is the same spirit form, but not at home. Me, the only thing that interests me is the beautiful love songs, “evacuates the singer, who recently enjoyed Albums his son -” I love the resumption of Aragon “- Calogero – “a great melodist” – or even Louane – “she’s cool” – but is wary of “eggheads singers.”

Françoise Hardy now prefers to tell his literary favorites, talking politics, spirituality or defend euthanasia: it addresses many subjects in his book “unauthorized information” on a bestseller in France.


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