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Ant-Man comics to the movie, the secret history of the Man-Ant – Le Figaro

The new film of Marvel Studios released on July 14th. Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd are playing two generations of men-ants. Back to the amazing story of this character that Jack Kirby, the king of comics, was “without scale.”

A man pursued by ants in a labyrinth underground. With a frightened look that Ant-Man (man-ant in our region), aka Hank Pym, mark his first appearance in the Marvel universe. We are in 1962, in issue 27 of Tales to Astonish . The picture is signed by the “King of Comics” Jack Kirby, the story by Stan Lee.

In the film Ant-Man , in theaters July 14, this image is present. But Hank Pym was replaced by Scott Lang. As in the comic books, Ant-Man has various incarnations of the hero. The first is played by Michael Douglas, the second by Paul Rudd. One learns to another teaches how to become a superhero, how to control its size. The release of the new film of Marvel Studios comes the issue Panini Comics in two volumes devoted to the character: I am Ant-Man , selection of different founding narratives Ant-Man (Hank Pym, Scott Lang, Eric O’Grady), and Ant-Man: The incorrigible Ant-Man series designed by Robert Kirkman ( The Walking Dead, Kick-Ass and Kingsman ).

Like all superheroes invented by the duo Jack Kirby Stan Lee, the birth of Ant-Man takes place in a laboratory. Hank Pym is a scientist. He is the inventor of “Pym particles” that can shrink objects. It tests on him, falls into an anthill, then finds himself pursued by thousands of ants. It binds to one of them, who helps him back to his house, where he found human form with his serum. The scientist swears never to use his discovery. End of episode

. The Premi & # XE8; res adventures of Ant-Man, drawing XE9 & #; es by Jack Kirby.

The first adventures of Ant-Man, drawn by Jack Kirby Copyright:

After the success of this first adventure, the character is soon back with a story in two episodes. The antagonists are beginning to emerge. Cold War forces, they will be communists. In “The Return of Ant-Man,” Hank Pym decided to recreate the formula shrinking serum, before hiding in his trunk. He was asked to design a gas to immunize against radioactivity. Communist hear about this project and the kidnap. It managed to stop them, using the powers of his serum. Ant-Man is born!

All of the character attributes are already present: the red suit, helmet to communicate with ants … But he still has to pay the serum on her outfit to zoom out. Soon, he was joined by Jane Van Dyne, who became the Wasp. In September 1963 the two characters will be among the founding members of the Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, Hulk). Kirby is always with brushes.

He did not stay long. The artist insists that the series is assigned to someone else. Ant-Man does little enthusiasm: “A superhero should spread its strength. Shrink the size of an ant, it does not dream person “, has he once said Mark Evanier reported in Jack Kirby, Kings of comics (Urban Comics).

The designers succeed. John Buscema is that will fare best. The personality of Ant-Man, his powers, but also change its name. It becomes successively Hornet, Giant-Man, Goliath. It is capable of varying size, from tiny to giant, contributes to the creation of the famous villain Ultron. Because of the changes permanent sizes, madness gradually wins.

1979 A new Ant-Man arrives: Scott Lang..

1979. A new Ant-Man arrives: Scott Lang Photo credit:.

In 1979, Hank Pym gives way to Scott Lang. A new Ant-Man for a new generation. Less volatile than Pym, Lang is a repentant thief. It aims to reintegrate into society and take care of his daughter Cassie. But she falls ill. Lang was forced to resume his old habits. He enters break, unknowingly at Hank Hym and steals the Ant-Man costume. He starts looking for the only person able to save his daughter, Dr. Sondheim. This one is a prisoner of Darren Cross, a tycoon became a monster muscles. In this adventure, Lang crosses paths Hank Pym, hidden under the costume Hornet. A transfer of power takes place. Scott Lang promises to fight evil. This story inspired in part Peyton Reed’s film with Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd.

In 2006, the writer Robert Kirkman imagine the third incarnation of Ant-Man. Unlike Hank Pym and Scott Lang, this is a man without morals, selfish and quick to lie. Eric O’Grady is a low category SHIELD agent. The conditions under which it becomes Ant-Man are tragic. With his friend Chris McCarthy, they had to protect the laboratory Hank Pym. Under the effect of panic, knocks O’Grady Pym. Chris McCarthy is the outfits of Ant-Man shrinks, but died in an attack the opposing HYDRA, rebellious branch of SHIELD. O’Grady becomes Ant-Man by taking the suit to his deceased friend. In an episode of Secret Avengers, O’Grady died saving a child.

Whether schizophrenic or thief, or selfish liar, Ant-Man remains one of the most human of superheroes from the Marvel universe.


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