Thursday, July 30, 2015

Aurélie Filippetti complaint against Paris Match – The Obs

PARIS (Reuters) – Aurélie Filippetti Thursday denounced the hunt “scary” paparazzi after the publication of photographs in Paris Match where she appears pregnant and swimsuit alongside his companion, the former Minister of Economy Arnaud Montebourg.

“I filed a complaint for invasion of privacy and family life,” says the former culture minister in an interview with Liberation. “These are stolen photos. They pistent us is scary.”

“We arrived at the hotel at noon and gone in 14 hours. So that means that we are spying” , she adds. “Every woman has the right to dispose of his body. This type of picture is a violation of dignity, all women can feel suffering.”

Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti left the first government Manuel Valls in August 2014 and since criticize government policy.

(Marine Pennetier, edited by Yves Clarisse)


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