Monday, July 27, 2015

Tom Cruise refuses synthetic images for Top Gun 2 – TF1

Tom Cruise definitely not afraid of flying. He just shown in a video shooting Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation where we see him suspended by the door of a takeoff in camera, all without cheating or lining. A spectacular scene that did not give him the air sickness since the actor says more than starting to participate in the Project Top Gun 2 .

At the London premiere of the adventures of Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise has again expressed his desire to resume his role as Maverick, but on one condition: realism. “If I can find a way to do it, if we can all find a way to do that would be great. I’d love to fly in these jets again! But we really must do and do not use the . CGI (computer generated images) I say right away: no CGI for airplanes So if you get there and the Department of Defense agrees, that would be great “has said the star..

Tom Cruise seems to have taken a liking to the waterfalls to the former and therefore wishes to continue on this path for Top Gun 2 . This is great, according to early rumors the film would focus instead of the drivers in a world where they are replaced by drones. An ideal subject to support the will of the hero of Mission: Impossible to again be sent in the air.

Video: London hysteria at the premiere of Mission: Impossible 5


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