Sunday, March 22, 2015

Streaming the USA: the CD does not make weight – Six News

streaming in the United States far exceeded the CD and it’s new. This new way of consuming so is growing.



Previously, when consumers heard a popular music on the radio or on television, they rushed to the CD shop. Today, the situation has completely changed since the arrival of streaming platforms. They allow to listen to the music heard free and this has had an impact on the US market. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) said that the CDs were fixed revenues in 2014 to 1.85 billion. Regarding streaming, revenues were higher: 1.87 billion

The streaming platforms like Deezer fly

The example offered by Spotify or audio streaming. Deezer still allows you to build playlists for free, but some limits are observed. In this case, the user is encouraged to sign up for a subscription through which it can for example listen to the music without connection. In addition, applications have been developed for smartphones and tablets, which highlighted the success, but the CD market is still resistance, because it is the first time it is exceeded.

Audio Streaming upsets music consumption

So record companies saw their revenues messed up as they are now fixed on streaming audio, because CDs are no longer the majority. Therefore, the artists reveal their titles sometimes exclusively on the web via several platforms such as iTunes, Amazon to try to generate some revenue. This phenomenon is expected to grow in the coming years, as compared to 2013, sales of last year for the same business has audio streaming right was 27% higher. Do not confuse this format with streaming video which is generally used for hacking series or films. The musical method is entirely legal

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