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Diary of a Chambermaid: Léa Seydoux is back in action – BBC

PORTRAIT – Actress pass the role of Celestine in the film by Benoît Jacquot than the next Bond girl. With lightness.

“This is a woman victim of his condition, which seeks to change social status but still remains in a form of subordination . It is an addiction to another, but still, she made a choice, “suggests Léa Seydoux. For Benoît Jacquot, who had already turned in Farewell to the Queen , the 29 year-old actress picked up the apron Celestine, the heroine of the novel by Octave Mirbeau Diary of a Chambermaid .

Jean Renoir has already brought to the screen in the US in 1946 with Paulette Goddard, but especially Buñuel who has made famous in 1967 by transposing the action in the 1930s, into a vicious satire of the extreme right, and entrusting the role to a provocative Jeanne Moreau. Jacquot back to the original context. Masters and servants in France in the late nineteenth century. This did not stop to make a fine enough reading to let show through, like a watermark, reports on economic and social oppression, domination still in force at the time of globalization.

The investment firm where college Dominique Reymond (excellent) is not so far removed from what Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard show in their recent documentary The Rules of the Game . How far can we agree to comply with the requirements for a job? This is the question of the insolent Celestine, too little domestic slave. It passes for unstable and arrogant. Is that it intends to choose his masters, if they can not do without. She will pay the price cap by being drawn to the dark Joseph (Vincent Lindon), with the hope of finding a freer life. Léa Seydoux did not see the first adaptations. She read the book and admits that “it is a little hands fell.”

“He seemed distant, dated, she says. It is a novel angry enough, to be interesting when it came out. But it is the anger of the time. For me, Celestine is ahead of its time. It represents the beginnings of modernity because it rebels. Today, we though it still sees things to acquire, in the field of equality between men and women. Oscar, Patricia Arquette posed the question of wages ?? “

Léa Seydoux do not put as much conviction. “Personally, I have not been raised in the feeling of being inferior to men, and I have never felt inequality. But I think it’s impossible that everyone is equal, except for the essential rights. “

If it is engaged,” it’s not in the speech, she said. But making films that pose certain problems in society such as The Life of Adele , the new about love between two women. I am engaged in the culture. For me it is most important: culture, education, allowing to build his thought, to position itself as individual. I like active characters like Adele or Celestine, who are in survival. If I have a cause, it is this one: wanting to exist, to take charge “

Gracefully resting on her chair, she looks like a bird fallen from the nest with. something else and blur. A bit floating disconnected. She carefully for words: she wants fair, accurate. “I love people who are articulate, perhaps because it has always been difficult for me. It happened to me not to talk. And then I made a psychoanalysis, and having to make memories, emotions, helped me a lot. Teenager is very unpleasant to feel so much and not being able to express them. “

” When I go to a shoot, I need small some futile passions “

Oddly, when it comes from a rather intellectual milieu, she never sought the words in books. “I feel like the words but not to read. It’s not something that I was taught. I was a child left to itself, I watched the cartoons of Walt Disney and I was using my imagination to tell me stories. Even today, I do not read enough. I buy lots of books that I did not open. They surround me and it reassures me. “

What is she, then, to be entertained? “Very mundane things: I see my friends, I plunged back into everyday life. When I turn, this requires such concentration and such energy that I do not have time to have a normal life. We turn, sleep, turn it sleeps. It’s very intense, and when I come out, I need a bit small futile passions, like me care of the decoration of the house to get to relax. “

Next Episode: Léa Seydoux Bond girl in Daniel Craig. Super-sexy? “It’s not a very physical role, she asure. But I still can not identify the character. There are still many scenes to shoot until June And I’m afraid to say too much, you have no right to speak. “But, she concedes, it’s great fun to” change the culture “and Daniel Craig is very friendly.


It is not clear what prompted Benoît Jacquot to redo an adaptation of the Journal of a maid , but it performs flawlessly the program. Without this inner need Rilke asks artists, the director brings his excellent skills.

This is the young Celestine (Léa Seydoux) per bond maid but dreaming of exit part, engaged in an old maid notable Province, Mr. and Mrs. Lanlaire. Madame is a finicky bitterness and persecutes happy staff. It is his only entertainment. Mr advantage of his position to meet – more or less – his libidinous fantasies.

The surrounding villagers, retired military, gossip busty, dark and mute factotum, a complete picture of the petty bourgeoisie picturesque caricature. Cleverly, the director airs history by opening windows on the previous places of Celestine, which reveal other aspects of his personality.

The writing is smart, and Léa Seydoux glowing with youth and lost sensitivity. There is a slut, but an independent temperament poorly stifled by social constraint. Benoît Jacquot treats the period evocation with this refinement that avoids licked sets and applied behavior too. Sets, costumes, manners have just wear this familiar things. Mockery and bitterness spend all the better, as current drafts behind the faded tapestries.


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