Friday, March 20, 2015

Jamel Debbouze: “It’s me … in the body of a monkey!” – Screenrush

On April 8, Jamel Debbouze will be Edward, simian smart, fearless and crazy, hero of “Why I have not eaten my father.” A family adventure tour in performance-capture, to discover behind the scenes.

A technological feat, a family comedy, a single actor experience, a world to create: it’s all that, the adventure Why I have not eaten my father. A sigh of prehistory, resulting Jamel Debbouze, Melissa Theuriau, Arie Elmaleh and simian companions at the dawn of time, in the footsteps of Edward, one of our particularly ingenious ancestors discovered fire, bipedalism, the hunting, love and hope even in an animated adventure in 3D

The first feature film shot in Europe perfomance-catching, this ambitious project (seven years working for Jamel actor, writer and director!) puts technology at the service of an optimistic message full of color, soul and Hope, which aims to “include everyone and not exclude anyone” . As the hero of the film, as Jamel this: “It’s me … in the body of a monkey” . Enough said.

Small glimpse into the making of the above. Following April 8 at the movies!

Why I have not eaten my father Teaser


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