Friday, March 20, 2015

Far from the FN, Joan of Arc roundup all the votes in Rouen – Le Figaro

Saturday opens the ambitious project of memorial led by Metropolitan Archbishop’s Palace in Rouen Normandie. It is the largest site dedicated to the life of the heroine in the history of France.

Virtual Magic, it is now possible to create a museum without works almost. In Rouen, for example. The Historial Joan of Arc opens on 21 March. Thousand square meters of the archbishop’s palace restored and riddled with projectors, screens, sounds and lights. Thanks to 10 million of the metropolis Rouen Normandie and three years of construction.

“Joan of Arc belongs to no one,” Laurent Fabius launched in 2012, facing the FN. True, but that’s a little more than domrémoise Rouen and Orleans, in the place of his martyrdom and his innocence imposed after a second trial – so posthumously – in 1456

. Bishop Jean-Charles Descubes still lodged in the palace Archbishop declares conquered. According to him, this 3D draft prepared by renowned historians such as Philippe Contamine and Michel Winock “returns to the historical truth.” “It also explains why we used this figure in so many ways, not necessarily false. Jeanne was the Nobel Peace Prize in the fifteenth century “, he enthusiastically.

Or even better. For venerated Jeanne was able at the end of the nineteenth century to cure éréthistiques spongy ulcers. Shown some engravings and books collected in the “Mythothèque”. Here in these windows, everyone can find his Jeanne history, holy (from 1920) or the heroine of France. In bronze and painted plates in plaster where it looks like Snow White, in the toy soldiers of our childhood, in the film posters Cecil B. DeMille to Jacques Rivette, Dreyer Luc Besson. Not Besson: he refused as excerpts from the film are disseminated in the path

Too bad.. Even without him, Frédéric Sanchez, Laurent Fabius successor as president of the Metropolis, expects 140,000 visitors annually. If this number is reached, it will be a new miracle. Jeanne, whose ashes ended up in the Seine, has indeed left “neither grave nor portrait,” as Malraux wrote. It is only an idea. What an idea!


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