Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sundays: between Matrix and District 9, the short film SF makes … – Cinema

With only 51,000 dollars in his pocket, director Mischa Rozema advertisements managed small feat. His short film science fiction, Sundays , caused a sensation in Hollywood, with its visual from District 9 and Matrix . So much so that Warner Bros. has put hands on the film rights to the movies this work a little apart and devilishly exciting, reports Deadline

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; The Leviathan: Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg will produce the SF movie overexcited (updated)

The Dutch Rozema had collected the money to develop the short film through Kickstarter campaign that quickly reached his goal. Warner Bros. will now hire writers to start the construction of the long version of the film, we hope to live up to these fascinating fourteen minutes.

The time seems in any case favorable for filmmakers SF beginners : another cool project at the time, The Leviathan , was bought on his side by 20th Century FOX



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