Monday, March 16, 2015

5 reasons to love (still) “Spotless” – Télé

It does not sparkle with originality … Between black comedy and bloody thriller “Spotless” Yet an addictive series in setting licked scene. The Bastière brothers have not finished putting on their gloves.

The new co-production of Canal + in turn reminds Six Feet under, Breaking bad or Dexter. Blend psychological drama, black comedy and bloody thriller, Spotless following Jean Bastière, French expatriate in London (Marc-André Grondin, CRAZY ), cleaner crime scenes. A hero who hides her unhappiness behind a neat little life with wife, children … and mistress. Until the day Martin, his brother lost sight thug (Denis Ménochet, Inglourious Basterds ), arrives with a corpse full of cocaine on the arm.

Only not the most original series of the chain, but his experienced designers, the American Corinne Marrinan (CSI) and Briton Ed McCardie (Shameless) know their classics. They created a catchy entertainment that does not avoid certain clichés but appropriates with unquestionable skill.

A real sense of rhythm

It is s bothers him not a second following Spotless, whose narrative removed combines action, comedy, intimate drama. After a patient introduction, the plot moves fast, the twists multiply the voltage increases. The Bastière brothers soon find themselves forced to work for Clay Nelson, a mafia dangerous philosopher in his spare time, played by Brendan Coyle (Bates faithful valet Downton Abbey ). The process of the Criminal gear which they will have to extricate is certainly already seen, but undeniably effective.

The first characters

One tremble not for Bastière brothers if they were so endearing. Before being a thriller, Spotless tells the clash full of tenderness two long separated brothers, Jean, secret and suspicious, and Martin, bon vivant and clueless. First familiar premium anti-heroes, but gradually take flesh and beyond stereotypes. The series combines their second senior roles in color, excessive and tasty. Men Nelson Clay, sociopaths as creepy qu’amusants are particularly successful.

The dialogues cared

Ed McCardie not Forgot his years Shameless, a British series of black humor packed, gross social comedy stripping. Full of pikes, unexpected spread and heartfelt wit, Spotless has a sense of right word. Untied his tongue sliding ever vulgar (many swears y) to the spiritual, even flirting with poetry in existential projections Nelson Clay. Tour in English despite the nationality of his heroes (to export more easily), she finds a balance between written replies and very spontaneous discussions of a natural confusing.

A casting impeccable

Quebec Marc-André Grondin (Cesar for Best Male Newcomer in 2009 for The First Day of the Rest of Your Life Bezançon) and the French Denis Menochet skillfully give body to their characters and the fragile condition that unites them. The false transparency of the first and the imposing physical presence of the second are fly. They are beautifully supported by Brendan Coyle, suave mobster and Miranda Raison (MI-5), perfect wife on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Beyond the actors, Spotless demonstrated expertise in all areas of the staging classy, ​​including signed Pascal Chaumeil (Heartbreaker) the serious and sensual soundtrack composed by Canadians Timber Timbre.

London in a new light

Another London series ? True, but in English capital away from the postcard Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. A London newspaper, where it browses the shady streets and uptown, dust pubs and immaculate rooms of luxury hotels. A city that is rediscovered, and every décor, plush green roof cottage in Jean Nelson Clay, tells a little more about the characters.


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