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Léa Seydoux: “If I started to listen to the critics, I would be … – Screenrush

Today, it embodies the famous Celestine’s “Diary of a Chambermaid” Benoît Jacquot. Tomorrow it will be the Bond Girl Daniel Craig. Meeting with Léa Seydoux, the most desired and desiring actress of the moment …

A beautiful encounter between flights: one who brought alongside Benoît Jacquot promote the Diary of a Chambermaid, and the one who will join Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes on the set of James Bond. A large gap that Léa Seydoux and claims even appreciate …

“This is pretty easy and it’s mostly what I like. This is” play “is not it? Being able to invest in different worlds … “

The tone is set. Hey, speaking of universe … After Paulette Goddard Renoir and Jeanne Moreau in Luis Bunuel, the famous actress chose to slip into the boots of the desirable Celestine, Maid of the novel by Octave Mirbeau, it revived under the direction of Benoît Jacquot. A literary hero suit and renowned film, which could have been much to bear . But no …

How Léa Seydoux chose to revive the Celestine Octave Mirbeau

Léa Seydoux Interview

A personal interpretation supported by the French writer-director-mentor, who had already made her fervent admirer of Marie Antoinette in Farewell, My Queen, and, again, gave him the keys of the film. With Jacquot, Léa Seydoux said loudly, she regained confidence and desire to play. If you have a minimum followed the controversy surrounding the film The Life of Adele, surely you know why his passion has been altered so much …

Find out who actually hurt

Léa Seydoux Interview

“And the media frenzy in the end, people do not care and have not chosen! It has fallen and what remains is the object, the movie! ”

The hardest and most useless of the trade then? Criticism, malicious gaze judgments. Easy returns sticks directly linked to success, Leah dodge his way. Trench, ever.

Léa Seydoux, a star that also adored hated?

Léa Seydoux Interview

Believing in yourself, trust … who will return often Expressions in our conversation, as it is important not to squander them for this actress who despite the Palme d’Or in which it was haloed, always intensely doubt what she is capable of.

“I not trying to trust my director … What interests me is … “

Léa Seydoux fight for a” cause “. Which one? Léa Seydoux Interview

His vision of the film, “art of truth and not reality” , it could share it for hours. She chose instead, a few well-chosen phrases to paint this medium she knows since childhood and she intimately understands the laws. These laws have erected criticized above all desires; the side of auteur cinema blockbusters like ….

Who Léa Seydoux she prefers to work?

Léa Seydoux Interview

This is a woman, Rebecca Zlotowski, who offered him two of his best characters. That of a “beautiful thorn” unreachable and that of a bomb “nuclear”, both mysterious glowing.

These other roles? Under the eye of Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris) as Honoré (The Beautiful Person), Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds) as Bonello (Saint Laurent). All different, wild, on the sidelines (The Life of Adele) or established (Ugly).

During his career, this role has surprised Léa Seydoux. Why?

Léa Seydoux Interview

So nice meeting. Between flights and two costumes she seems to endorse without difficulty. After filming the highly anticipated blockbuster Sam Mendes, which will do you find it? When we have so much already “checked boxes” that can still be desired

“carpe diem” Léa Seydoux:

Léa Seydoux Interview


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