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“Cinderella”: Lily James gives a youthful look to the character … –

CINEMA Adaptation is signed Kenneth Branagh …

 Lilly James and Richard Madden in Cinderella
Lilly James and Richard Madden in Cinderella – Walt Disney Picture

Caroline Vié

Lily James revisits the title role of the character Cinderella in this faithful adaptation of the tale signed Kenneth Branagh. No way for the Lady Rosie MacClare series Downton Abbey to play the vase just able to lose his shoe on the stairs. The young actress 25 Spring told 20 Minutes how she did it to undergo a makeover to his character.

By not caring too much it looks

Cinderella had misfortunes. She lost her mother and stepmother (Cate Blanchett toxic wish by stepmother) was glued to the household. She does not have time to spend hours in front of the mirror is looker.

“Kenneth Branagh and I wanted it to be as natural as possible. This is also because I did not look primed to cast the role he assigned me. I thought that I would play one of the wicked stepsisters. “

By being energetic and women

Cinderella bump like crazy to unclog the house of his sister -Mother and daughters both malicious and brothel champions in all categories.

“Cinderella has a big heart and that’s what makes it unique, but today’s audiences do not want victims princesses. Elsa in The Snow Queen found that girls have the high rating. “

By being desired

Who says says Cinderella Prince Charming. This is Richard Madden who gets stuck and is struggling to catch delicious future princess.

“Of course, Cinderella will fall into his arms but did not really expect after him. We wanted to give him a little feminist affects lacked the Disney animated version of 1950 “.

By not allowing themselves to step on the feet

Tradition obliges it will not escape the beautiful prom dress designed by her fairy godmother, played by Helena Bonham Carter.

“As soon as I moved with this dress, I press the shutter tsunami it was so heavy. My main concern was that Richard Madden does not work on me when we evolve together. We could have spread we inelegantly hard way. “

By being a role model for girls

Despite adversity, this Cinderella is no lack of pep and this that is its charm.

“Quad is making a film like this, it is said that many girls will hang heroin model. It is therefore important not to do anything. I am proud that Cinderella “.


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