Monday, March 30, 2015

Hugh Jackman Wolverine will not play again! – TF1

While Jennifer Lawrence will play for the last time young Mystique in X-Men The Apocalypse Hugh Jackman also forsake his role fetish he stood for 15 years. As announced in the 4 words on social networks flap Wolverine 3 to be released in April 2017 will be the last for the actor.

The 46-year-old actor posted on his Instagram account a photo of his two clenched fists. With his right hand, his claws out. As a caption under the photograph is inscribed “Wolverine, one last time” or French “Wolverine, one last time.” The announcement is unequivocal. Supposed departure the reasons? The character of Wolverine is supposed to keep forever the same. In addition, this role requires great physical preparation, the workouts are very intense, maybe too much for the actor who approach their fifties.

What will become Wolverine?

If a replacement is possible, we ask all the same what happens to the character of Wolverine in the series after the departure of Hugh Jackman who incarnated already 6 times on the screen. The publishing house Marvel comics had announced the death of the character of Wolverine in 2014 with the release of four new comic titled The death of Wolverine . Filmmakers perhaps as a chance to kill the character …

The Australian actor will soon Blackbeard in Pan , a new adaptation of the story of Peter Pan – directed by Joe Wright to be released on July 15th at the cinema. He will play with Levi Miller sides Peter Pan and Captain Hook in Garrett Hedlund.


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