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Jean Anglade, a hundred years and a hundred pounds – BBC

ANNIVERSARY – The spiritual son of André Vialatte celebrated its centenary on March 18 and publishes a new novel. Playful encounter with the “Pagnol Auvergne”

A phenomenon, Jean Anglade. Almost a century and a hundred pounds; a childhood lived in remote places of our beautiful province between the teacher and the priest, social progress that does not make him oblivious to the wisdom of his own, a work that reflects a time, the twentieth century, which our XXI loses its luster looks new.

And yet, because he found inspiration in the rich soil in stories of his native Auvergne, Parisian taste makers have snubbed and sub-classified in the category of local authors. Alexander the Great Vialatte, which did not have that kind of prejudice, it did was right, “Jean Anglade was the genius of the story. History for itself, to which one believes, as we believe in fact provided by various news – a story brings the peddler, the troubadour sings, the Arab storyteller stops to pick up as … It’s admirable. “

Jean Anglade is a writer because he has a style, a style green as they say a stolen wood. Bright, full, soft, light, sliding the turning of his stories of good little lessons. This is a fabulist. Example, among myriads of other “What a wonderful time, that when you could pay two matches, a tablespoon of oil, a pinch of salt! Always scrupulously rendered … Today, we borrow millions to the Savings Bank without a word, just by filling in forms. How do you want people to like? “

Anglade is not grief or nostalgic spirit. Rather a conservative anarchist and a good living. His eclectic and shimmering scholarship was more focused on the facts on abstractions. Theories suggest the skeptic. The story is the foundation of his philosophy. It has the intuitive mind more than geometry, say fellow whom he has written a biography, Pascal, the rebellious (Perrin). “This is the most amazing man I have ever met!” Is he exclaims when asked about the author of Thoughts . He admires the scientific creativity of the philosopher, his entrepreneurial spirit, his impertinence, his freedom, his way of resisting the verb and course work. “Between Heaven and Earth, our life there is not much,” he quoted. Malaise: Pascal’s phrase sums up the views of Anglade on the human condition; and we also feel pushing the door of the room sanitized the retirement home where he is cloistered in the fall. Jean Anglade, caged! What nonsense. He who contracted the taste of writing by learning recitations whose pace gave her wings! “As birds pecking instinctively I pecked poems, school, before dialing”, he said.

“For revenge of the cage where they put me, I wrote a novel I have just sent to my editor in 2016, La Cage aux white blackbirds. In telling my life in this house as a fiction, I can say what I want! “

Besides, he does not hide his displeasure. “My daughter gave me a dirty trick, she got rid of me. It shook my heart. . But you have to live it, “With a smile frank, surprisingly devoid of bitterness, he concluded:” I give him my absolution “Would this lack of bitterness the secret of his longevity.? The years have polished his humor knife that was his trademark, but he is still as mischievous. “To get back at the cage where they put me, I wrote a novel I have just sent to my editor in 2016, La Cage white blackbirds . In telling my life in this house as a fiction, I can say what I want! “

Jean Anglade has its head and his eloquence is intact, but his memory is playing tricks on him . When asked about his biography, he cleverly replied: “A long life, how do you want me to remember? And to be honest, I mix a bit my memories and my novels … “So we refer to, and his Confessions Auvergne (Bartillat). In short, to locate the: born in 1915 in Escoutoux near Thiers, he is the son of a maid and a construction worker killed in the Somme in 1916.

“My only inheritance it was his trowel. “His uncle Cutler takes care of him. Then his mother remarried. His stepfather was a carter. Teachers quickly locate the boy which nowadays it seems to be a gifted and grow up to the Normal School of teachers of Clermont. There he meets a young woman, Mary, whom he married in 1935. In 1944 he became professor of letters and presents to the Italian aggregation. “There were a lot of Italian immigrants in Thiers. From a distance, I thought they looked like my language dialect. I was wrong. “He was received last, he said fourth out of four, and sent to Tunisia.

Most of his career happen next in high school Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand, where he taught singing and accompanying himself on the mandolin. In the wide range of his writing work includes translations of the Prince of Machiavelli and Fioretti of St. Francis, eloquent choice and its history Daily life of immigrants in France from 1919 to the present. His biography mentions that he met Saint-Exupéry during his military service in the Air Meteorology in 1936. He pouted, warns: “Let’s say I made it a little map of the sky before it takes off. He shook my hand. “

At thirty-eight, he published his first novel, The Lord of the Dog , Plon, the story of a priest -ouvrier. “ Le Canard chained was accused of plagiarizing The saints go to hell Cesbron, released the same year. This is false, I heard a lecture by a priest who left the cassock for the factory when I was a teacher. “Her fourth novel, The Taub Building , published by Gallimard, received the Award of the populist novel that also rewarded The Wall Sartre. The living dogs , published in 1967, is an amazing novel that juxtaposes the imaginary diary of three Nazis imprisoned by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Fifty years ago, it changes the registry and starts to draw his characters in his memory Auvergne: A forgotten apple (Presses de la Cité) a resounding success. Now his novels will sell to no less than 80,000 copies.

Jean Anglade is unclassifiable. Asked to define themselves. He has a smile, that of wisdom: “. I do not know what I was, I do not know what I am” It seems hesitation, continued: “I am a Christian. This did not occur to me from childhood. My family was not very religious. It came to me late. But now, I’m sure. “Every night, he said his prayers, I believe in God, Our Father, Hail Mary. It is also for his mother, his sister and his deceased wife. His eyes light up: “It’s a small mixture of Christianity and paganism» No fooled, never fooled. He has faith as the heroine of his new novel, The Great Upheaval , to be published on March 18, his birthday “. She believed in God as she believed the sun and the stars”

The Great Upheaval , Jean Anglade, Calmann- Levy, 200 p., € 17.50.


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