Friday, March 20, 2015

A Historial revived Joan of Arc from the ashes – Canoeing

ROUEN, France – A Historial Joan of Arc opens to the public in France on Saturday and will become the largest place of memory – and tourism – dedicated to the legendary French heroine of the Hundred Years War against the English the 15th century.

Inaugurated Friday, it was built in the Normandy town of Rouen, in the archdiocese where there are still vestiges of the room of the ecclesiastical court that condemned Joan of Arc at the stake for heresy in 1431 and then rehabilitated 25 years later.

Captured by the troops of the Duchy of Burgundy, enemy of the kingdom of France, the “Maid of Orleans” (note, nickname that refers to the city she drove the English in 1429), had been transferred to Rouen, under British occupation in December 1430.

Five months later, May 30, 1431, she was burned alive after the sentence death for heresy.

Based on the advice of a scientific committee made up most of the specialists of “Johanne” the Historial of 1000 m2 is “talk” with the walls of 3D images of twenty actors playing the witnesses of the posthumous trial. “We are not inventing anything, the sources are the minutes of the rehabilitation process,” says the designer Clémence Farrell.

After the multimedia exhibition, visitors are directed to a “mythothèque” where it may inquire at will on the abundant historiography devoted to heroin, through consultation terminals.

Between 100 and 150,000 tourists are expected to visit annually Historial whose initiator is French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, also in charge of tourism and is an elected official history of the region.

“By allowing everyone to reflect on our history and the way it is written, it s ‘also about making any attempt to escape Jeanne confiscation policy, “says Fabius, in an implicit reference to the National Front (FN).

For years, the French far-right party, become one of the most powerful of the movement in Europe, erected Joan of Arc as a symbol of their nationalist discourse

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