Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fast and Furious: Helen Mirren wants to play in the next! – Screenrush

British actress Helen Mirren, 69, has just declared it wanted to play in the next installment of the Fast and Furious saga. And if possible at the wheel of one of the cars!

Becoming Elizabeth II in The Queen Queen and drive a racing cars of the saga Fast and Furious ? The big difference is not afraid to British actress Helen Mirren, 69, who has just declared au Site YahooMovies his desire to play in the next installment of the franchise, including the latest installment arrives in theaters Wednesday.

” My ambition is to play in a movie of the saga Fast and Furious . I want to be driving a car “, told Helen Mirren during the promotion of Woman in Gold film. ” I am known for my own stunts always faires car. In the Top Gear TV show, I did a lap in a great time! “

= & gt; View the trailer for” Superfast “parody of” Fast and Furious “

Helen Mirren to chain confessing his admiration for Vin Diesel, star of Fast and Furious . “I must say it is brilliant. I love Vin Diesel “ she says into the microphone of YahooMovies. ” This is a great guy, smart, I love it. If I want to participate in one of the films of the saga, this is both for him and for driving. “

Find Helen Mirren in the credits of the next parts of the saga Fast and Furious is not so surprising as that. The British actress has indeed already proved his love for action films by playing a badass senior in Red and Red 2, alongside Bruce Willis and John Malokovich

Find Helen Mirren in badass mode in “Red 2″!

Red 2 Trailer


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