Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Francis Cabrel: “‘I come in the last laces” – Le Point

Francis Cabrel announced Monday on the air first single from his new album announced for April. At 61, the artist said addressing the “last laces” his rich career with the desire to “say exactly what (he) Resen (t), without wanting to always hold an audience of fifteen years “. “In a career, there is an entrance and an exit. The entrance, we do not necessarily decide when it happens, but the exit, I think we have to prepare, I’m doing this” , told AFP the singer for over 35 years tubes from “Little Mary” (1977) or “I love him to death” (1979).

Announced for April 27, In Extremis (Smart / Sony Music) will be the first Francis Cabrel album with original songs from roses and nettles (2008) sold over 900,000 copies. This 13th studio album, one of the events of the musical year in France, he will be the last? “Not necessarily … But it is the slope that leads,” he said, clear eyes and short answers. Passing time, topic already approached by Francis Cabrel in the 1980s with songs like “Time went” back to haunt the singer in her new single “parties to stay.” Background of blues-rock guitars and female vocals, it calls for “aim eternity / It’s so good here / Let’s pretend / we had gone to stay.”

Take the time spent

“I arrived at a stage in my life where things become urgent, we arrive in the final, the last laces. After 60 years, this is not the time to have plans for 30 or 35 years, “said the singer, who as usual recorded this album at his home in Astaffort (Lot-et-Garonne). Francis Cabrel approach things in front, in the image of the photo, unusual enough for him, chosen for the cover of the album: used chiaroscuro or slightly cloudy atmospheres, it displays the time in large top, front, looking at the viewer right in the eye.

At the age that I have the will, that is to say exactly what I feel, take the time that has passed, without wanting to always hold an audience of fifteen years , “he added about a still very blues disc where the songs are about love, of course, but also less expected themes, such as the Cross of Christ, life in prison Mandela, the disappearance of Occitan language or the Battle of Agincourt.

Parenthesis Bob Dylan

The singer confessed a lack of inspiration there a few years and was awarded an aside Bob Dylan . adapting obligations of the US singer (“Vise Heaven” in 2012), then he is as usual: take your time, “sit down at a table to reflect” for “cause” the return of ideas. “You have to treat writing. Even if it takes five years to make a song, it does not matter “: this is the advice that the singer gives young songwriters who come each year for 20 years in training at Astaffort, advice he also distills his daughter, Aurélie Cabrel, who last year published his first album. “It is not evil spell. Obviously, this does not always follow as it would at the public reception, but I find that voice, she really has something, “says one who has often spoken filial love in his songs.

In the digital age and a music industry in crisis, Francis Cabrel and some 21 million records sold (according to his label) remains one of the very few who can always set the pace and conditions . As Jean-Jacques Goldman and a handful of others, for example it may refuse his albums are available for listening streaming platforms. “I consider my songs belong to me and I can put them on the support I choose, “said simply that which will leave on the road in September with nearly fifty dates announced in France, Switzerland and Belgium.


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