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Beaune: “Victoria”, the German Schipper, sacred to the festival … – Le Parisien

Alain Grasset, special envoy in Beaune (Côte-d’Or) | March 28, 2015, 11:16 p.m. | Update: March 28, 2015, 11:35 p.m.

A well-deserved award for this film in which Laia Costa, 30 years old Spanish actress known for the TV series “The red bracelets” embodies Victoria, heroin. It was she who came to Beaune on Saturday night to receive this award from Danièle Thompson, president of the jury.

The story? Berlin. 5 h 42 am. Nightclub exit, Victoria, a young woman from Madrid, accidentally meets four young Germans, Sonne and his accomplices. Carried away by alcohol, adrenaline, adventure and lust for life, she decides to follow them throughout the night, ready to overcome its limitations to share with them the experence of transgression.

The jury therefore it is not wrong. This is a great technical feat that thriller for which the director Sebastian Schipper, 46, tells his story in one take 2 hours 20. A long sequence shot who gathers Victoria and the other characters in the night and leave Berlin two hours later on a street in the city … The actress Laia Costa Barcelona, ​​remarkable, and this in all planes, wowed the jury as pointed Danièle Thompson.

“Victoria” both fascinating and captivating, that nails in your chair, will be released on French screens on July 1.

Other winning films in Beaune, “Hyena” British director Gerard Johnson. The story of an alcoholic and corrupt police officer, who won the Special Jury Prize ex aequo with “A second chance” of Susanne Bier director. Sang Neuf price, chaired by the director Santiago Amigorena (the former partner Julie Gayet) went to “Eternal life” of the Austrian Wolfgang Murnberger. As for the thriller “Marschland” Spanish director Alberto Rodriguez, a reflection on the devastation of the Franco regime in the early 1980 criminal investigation background, it is the other winner of the night as he won two awards, those of Jury Special Police and criticism.

Mathieu Amalric wins Claude Chabrol. For his film “The Blue Room” adapted from a novel by George Simenon that the comedian had staged last year, Mathieu Amalric won the Claude Chabrol price on Friday. Cécile Maistre, the daughter of Claude Chabrol, could give him the “great pitcher,” the reward, Amalric being absent at Beaune, retained by a shoot.

Tribute to Bertrand Tavernier. The director, screenwriter, producer and president of the Institut Lumière in Lyon, Bertrand Tavernier, 73, received a tribute Saturday to the his entire career. Very happy to return to Beaune six years after picking up the Grand Jury Prize for “In the Electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones, Tavernier joked. “It smells a little fir, no! The coffin is being done. But rest assured, I have kept the same passion and the same energy than when I started. And I still hope to turn at least three or four films. ” And confide. “I had to buy the rights to the film to be distributed with my production company because TF1 would not pay it. I have also always some of that money. But most important is that my film belongs to me. “

McTiernan wants to shoot a biopic of Admiral Yamamoto. The American director John McTiernan, who, besides Bruce Willis, he helped propel the career with the saga of “Trap Crystal” has turned Sean Connery (“The Hunt for Red October”) but also Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Predator”, “Last Action Hero”) , guest of the festival, which ends Sunday, announced plans to shoot a biopic of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese Navy during World War II who organized the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Yamamoto died April 17, 1943 when his bomber was shot down by a squadron of the US Force

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