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Mick Jagger in 20 minutes flat – Télé

In June, at the Stade de France, we do not believe his eyes or his ears. The Rolling Stones, dashing their seventies, were resplendent, refreshed as, resoldered as ever. Much to often cafouilleux Barnum of legendary scenery which he had accustomed us, the indestructible group, launched more than a year in celebration of his fifty-year career, was finally again to its reputation of “greatest rock’n’roll band in the world “.

Sharps, happy to be there, together, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood redonnaient luster to the uninterrupted continuation of their greatest standards – Jumpin ‘Jack Flash Satisfaction , Brown Sugar Gimme Shelter . Most impressive and heartening still, Mick Jagger, approaching its 71 years, with his insane physique, so thin and athletic, subdued. Far from exhausting races that formerly required a across a giant stage, prompting him to ahaner on half of the songs, he was renewing the grace of a single acting, while movements fluid and suggestive gyrations, nearly every major rock singers were inspired. Found his voice and typical English kid dreaming bluesman in the southern United States to revisit Sympathy for the devil or Midnight Rambler as if he believed again .

The man who claimed, half-jokingly, that the objective of a young rock band in the 60s, and the Stones in particular was especially not age or whether settle down, held its impossible challenge. Or rather proved he could stay young in his mind and in his body, as long as he wished. Even the wrinkles, crevices real home, make no difference. On the contrary. By not cheating blows scalpel or unhappy facelift, Mick Jagger only seems more superhuman.

More active than ever, once the European tour and completed before the end of October to resume road in Australia – South America 2015 – Jagger was devoted to intensive promotion of Get on up , the Tate Taylor biopic he produced Jagged through his company, on the tumultuous life of the great Godfather of Soul and inventor of funk James Brown. The film did not make windfall scores across the Atlantic this summer, the rocker producer is particularly motivated to sell in Europe. Outside the ritual press conference, he agreed to give a rare interview. Beyond the legitimate concern of his investment grow, the music and personality of James Brown for him to take heart.

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Mr Dynamite, Stone knew him well, He even learned a lot from him. Makes you wonder if the great revival of demand and intensity whose current benefits Jagger onstage testify was not seriously fed by long months of immersion in the work, the course and the teaching of the they described as “hardest working man in show business” (“biggest showbiz hardworking”). A nickname Jagger, since Brown’s death in 2006, could take over.

“I’m a fan of James Brown always, his music has continued to accompany me. And I listen to today, even after spending all this time on this film! “ The singer, seated in the chair of a very chic Parisian palace subsequently ignites. “The initial shock was the album Live at The Apollo, in 1962, hard, huge, it was worn out with my friends and the group. We knew by heart. But there was the sound, not the image. And when, in 1964, in New York, I saw Brown on stage for the first time was amazing, electrifying. I found a teacher, a role model. There was his song, prodigious, his dance moves, demented, but also the sense of timing, the relationship with the crowd. And accelerated the tempo and it was crazy, and then it slowed down all the time to an agonizing slow, and it was complete madness .

Jagger arose, a few moments earlier, such a handsome devil wearing Prada (or equivalent), with a quick, light step, punctual and precise, natural and, inevitably, a little unreal. Courtois, he moved without fuss. One feels sympathetic. It is. Ready to talk about anything, except, of course, displaced private matters? We began to dream despite a tight schedule allowed. Error. As soon as the exchange starts, the infernal machine is started. The Rolling Stones singer who gives everything he has on stage cowardly little maintenance. Not that he is mute on the contrary. He speaks quickly and well, provided that it is not really him, it kind of does not run in a speech. Total control of speech. The impressive speed of Mick Jagger only serves to capture the space, time and attention, carefully avoiding any actual confession. At least about Brown, he seems sincere and failing devastating revelations, speaks through his mentor, a little vision of his funny business.

“That room is full
 or sparse, whatever.
 Each spectator
 deserves our attention. “

” In fact, before James Brown, I also received valuable advice from Little Richard. In autumn 1963 the Rolling Stones were the first part of his UK tour. He showed us how to communicate with the public, to react, to include it in the show. The room is full or sparse, whatever. Each spectator deserves our attention. We English bands, we knew nothing of the science of the show. It is planted on stage thinking it enough, thinking it was the attitude of distance and indifference to adopt. As not to salute or say hello . A lot of rock bands are still so today, they think it is cool. But Little Richard and James Brown made us understand early on that public participation was even cooler. And that’s what made the difference. “

Jagger did not know then that Little Richard, from the same corner of Georgia and James Brown, had also taught its precepts future Godfather of Soul still starting: flamboyance, style, setting stage, not to mention an understanding of the business. “These guys gave everything for their art but did not get rolling. They were born into poverty, they were determined to get out. “ Obviously, for the English upstarts of the middle class, the goal was different. Have fun above all, trying to reproduce and translate the sound came from overseas discs that carried away a gray conformism England and corseted.

Jagger, son of a strict and learned physical education teacher, grew up in the comforting cocoon of a united family. Rather brilliant student, he will follow the same management courses at the London School of Economics in the early days of the Rolling Stones. But it will be many years before to pay close attention to the finances of the group. This means the gulf between a priori as opposed as Brown and Jagger individuals, yet made to build an amazing relationship of mutual respect.

“Opposites attract is well known. In any case, it is clear that the carnal authentic black music, flood, overflowing emotion could only enter, take guts, pluck a whole section of British youth puritan values, rigid and fatalistic she abhorred . I would have had to settle for a swim in the tradition of the music hall and the English folk – who are also in my genes – but the music came from the United States, such as blues and rock’n’roll soul, was so much more exciting, lively, liberating. In adolescents hearing, I could roll on the ground, as in convulsions. My father was horrified. “

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Horrified, worried about the future of his son, but still considerate. Mick Jagger has not suffered as a child cruelty, abuse or neglect. Could this be what has made him a rebel to safe markers, distinguishing it from most of his contemporaries that success and fame will inevitably derail one day? He dodges the assumption of “maybe …” deterrent. “But for sure, I received a good education. James Brown, he was self-taught pure, raised in poverty, the hard way, had read nothing, learned nothing. Still, it’s insane what he accomplished. It just goes with the will and talent … “

As for the opening of blacks against their white counterparts musicians, so often accused of being vile looters Mick Jagger has always lived from the inside. “All these black artists from Sam Cooke to James Brown dreamed of mainstream success was due, not to remain confined to an audience of color. They wanted to be stars in their own right, enjoy full recognition scale. And we, the Stones and others, we will help them, repeating their songs, making them known. This is what happened, fortunately, to James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and many others.

Still Even today, it is Jagger and his band that sit atop the hierarchy, always alongside the Beatles, their eternal rivals, who threw in the towel there nearly forty-five years. In paying tribute to James Brown and Elvis Presley – who is the subject of another major film project for Jagged – the singer does he not want to remember that without these pioneers and innovators, n Stones ‘probably would not exist

“Elvis was the first
 idol, the first star. “

” Sure! Elvis was the first idol, the first star that really paved the way for guys like me. Some experts say that popular music preceded Sinatra. That’s right, from the 40s, it was madness. His admirers, the bobby-soxers wept bitterly, screaming, fainted at his concerts. But Presley, it was something else: a voice, movement, a very personal way to reclaim black music. With the Stones, at first we just tried to clumsily imitate bluesmen or rockers like Chuck Berry. But Elvis, he’s reinvented. And his way of moving! As he had to work, at least I think. Maybe this was it her own, but I doubt it. As for the Beatles, they are completely separate. No one can realize the extent of today. Despite what we may say, we have never known it since. Such a moral revolution, aesthetic and sociological, there can not be two. “

There still got you, their almost equal, do you suggest. He smiled, but the minutes counted, have already spun. Mick Mephistopheles is ready to scoot. We stay there, a little stunned, a little frustrated, happy to have shared, privileged, a moment with astounding icon professionalism. Fascinated by his energy and, above all, that face and that physical so familiar, as disturbing as when details from afar in a stadium seventy thousand people in close-up on a giant screen. Young Jagger is still there, now, captivating and charismatic in this confusing Dorian Gray 71. The senseless silhouette, skinny, gnarled, dancing in his little outfit casual and elegant. The rock star and the ultimate sex symbol, with that mouth with full lips and eyes that pucker whenever he expressed his famous laugh seductive.

Mick Jagger, once public enemy number 1 of the establishment, now knighted billionaire, jet-setter, world traveler and keen businessman, not rock remains the undisputed monarch. An elusive man who has built an extraordinary destiny by will and discipline. A scary being, in its ability to hide any deep emotion. A he overcame the suicide of his longtime girlfriend, stylist L’Wren Scott, last spring, by immersing themselves in the music both demonic and regenerative Stones? Mystery. Mick Jagger rarely says what he thinks, even less what he feels. And since day one. Being interested only in the present or in the future, it prohibits any nostalgia, tenderness or analysis on himself or his career. The price he paid for never stopping.

His film roles

Fitzcarraldo (1982)
 “It was not the lead role, but still … This version of the film was never completed, because of dysentery Jason Robards. Werner Herzog, who all started with Klaus Kinski, had promised to make me turn again. But I was never available. “

Performance (1970)
 “We identify myself a lot to the character of Turner. But it was a creation, a character part! Nic Roeg and Donald Cammel did a great job. “

One + One / Sympathy for the Devil (1968)

 “Godard had no clue what he wanted. And we even less, suddenly. God thank you: this resulted in this unique testimony to the creation of the song in the studio Sympathy for the devil

Shine A Light. (2008)
 “Marty Scorsese is an old friend. A force to cram in all his films songs the Stones, it was necessary that we filmed in concert one day. Now we work together on a series for HBO, very sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, which happens in the 70 “


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