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Thirty years after their launch by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, Heritage Days, which take place Saturday 20 and Sunday, September 21 in France and Europe, offering to visitors, free or not, some 23,000 locations across France. Here is a selection of 10 unreleased sites open for the first time to the public in Paris and in the regions, or remain unknown because the beaten track, like some natural sites.


The uneven Reservoir, Paris 14e.

115 Rue de la Tombe Issoire, Paris 14 th . Entrance by Jules Henaffe instead. There are more possible entries in the website Eau de Paris.


The outside of the Picasso Museum in Paris in May 2014

Hooking presented only lasts this weekend and does not predict the one shown to the reopening of the museum on October 25. The transformation of the building are for their definitive – at least in principle. We can therefore observe the news and singularities of the Hôtel Salé, reviewed by the Agency Bodin over the work started in 2009 and finally completed. The direction of the course has been redesigned, the entrance moved and enlarged the spaces formerly occupied by the conservation returned to work, the paving of the courtyard regularized. We find pleasure with the grand staircase, the rows of rooms on the upper floors and the inclined plane designed by Roland Simounet first architect of the museum. In the attic, a series of small rooms was created to house the personal collection of Picasso.

Musée Picasso, 5, rue de Thorigny, Paris 3 th . Saturday and Sunday, 9 am 30-18 hours. Free

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The Blue Book of Georges Bataille, first pages of the & quot; Mystery spectrum Reims Cathedral & quot ;.

This little book, written by the hand of Georges Bataille when he was 17, recalls the fire that destroyed it a hundred years ago to the day, in September 1914, the Cathedral of Reims, Basilica of her childhood: “O lamentable case … I have defeated you cry-oh! Because you’re no longer the specter of your soul with a thousand voices “ reads. This manuscript, in thin, even writing on a school exercise book, is, for the first time, shown at the Carnegie Library. It is, indeed, being acquired by the city through a fund launched by the Heritage Foundation. This event enriches the weekend commemoration organized by the city of Reims. Guided tours are provided in the heights of the cathedral whose frame, in smoke, has been replaced by concrete beams.

Carnegie Library, 2 Place Carnegie, Reims. Tel. : March 26, 77 81 41 Open Houses Saturday from 10-13 pm, and Sunday from 14 to 18 hours; Guided Saturday from 14 to 18 hours tours

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During a visit in 2009, the Comptroller General of places of deprivation of liberty, Jean-Marie Delarue, had estimated that the cells were in a state of disrepair.

Closed for renovation this summer, the last prison in the capital ajar its doors to the secure corridors and cells. Apollinaire in 1911, Bastien-Thiry, bomber Petit Clamart against General de Gaulle in 1962, or Illich Ramirez Sanchez Carlos said there have been incarcerated. Jacques Mesrine get escaped. Opened in 1867 on the site of the “House of Health” desired by Anne of Austria two centuries earlier, the prison whose dilapidation were denounced as overcrowding, stretches for nearly 3 hectares. Along the Boulevard Arago, in the 13 th arrondissement, black walls and mini-windows of some of 1000 cells hint at the harshness of life of confinement.

Prison Health, 42, Rue de la Santé, Paris 14 th . Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 7:00 p.m., visits 45 minutes for subscribers on the website of the Ministry of Justice, except for age 16 and disabled .

queules tormented by the Morvan

Beech & quot; tortured & quot; domain Bibracte (Saône-et-Loire).

In nature, thus accessible at any time but kept secret as far from the heart of the Morvan trails on Mount Beuvray trails, this wonderful forest was labeled Grand France site. Y utter queules, titanic beeches, whose base was once tortured and braided to form hedges. The trees have grown and their strange growths are impressive natural sculptures in the ancient city of Bibracte.

Bibracte, Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray (Saône-et-Loire). Tel. 03 85 86 52 35 Guided tours, exhibitions, open house, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. .


The vault at the headquarters of Societe Generale in Paris.

Inaugurated in in 1912 in a building designed by architect Jacques Hermant, the central agency of Societe Generale in Paris, reveals not only its domed rotunda multicolor canopy, where the wickets are prepared, but also his vault made by Fichet forges of Creusot. He must descend into the bowels of the building, where the room is distributed on four levels in 399 cabinets. They even include 8117 and 22 chests vaults. A

armored steel monster in a setting of fine mosaics and gilded.

Societe Generale, 29, bd Haussmann, Paris 9 th . Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18 hours

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House Rock Graufthal (Bas-Rhin).

A 67 km from Strasbourg The pink sandstone cliffs of Graufthal, have been inhabited since the eighteenth and for nearly two centuries. History tells that this natural crossroads in which the city Eschbourg seat was occupied by the Celts and Gauls. The people fleeing the ravages of war took refuge in managed rock cavities in the cliffs. The last house was closed in 1958 upon the death of the last owner. In 1982 were undertaken restoration and enhancement of the main group of houses. the site is included in the inventory of historical monuments since 1988.

House Rock Grafthal Eschbourg (Bas-Rhin). Tel. 03 88 70 19 59 Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18 hours. Free guided tour Sunday at 10 and 16 hours, members AMVS association owner, manager and leading the site

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GAUMONT MUSEUM AT Neuilly-sur-Seine

The Gaumont Museum of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

This private museum, which celebrates 25 years, is usually reserved for researchers, students, publishers and filmmakers. Its reserves are kept 10,000 posters, 200,000 photos, nearly 3,000 scenarios, sets, costumes, equipment and accessories. A focus on the 1914 war presents, this weekend, the first sound equipment and color, the radio trenches devices aerial shots.

Gaumont Museum 13, rue du Midi, Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). Saturdays and Sundays, guided tours at 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 hours, ending with a projection. Subscribe to or 01 46 43 21

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Archaeological Site Bramont (Belfort).

At the end of the Bois de la Miotte , heading Bramont the spur fortified by a wall of stone and earth has one of the oldest examples of defensive habitat. Neolithic, the late V th millennium BC. AD, the village and the hamlets located on the periphery were specialized in the production of ax-heads quartz. In the Middle Bronze Age, a new occupation controlled access to the plain of Alsace, in the basin of the Saone and the Jura North. The site Bramont find the last time his defensive duties in November and December 1870, during the siege of Belfort. Two archaeologists have this weekend the site and the latest findings.

Archaeological Site Bramont Belfort. Tel. 03 84 54 25 24 Free tour Sunday from 14 to 17 hours .


Visit the site of the Museum of Man in Paris 16th, renovation since 2009

Closed since 2009, the Museum of Man in Paris is expected to reopen to the public in October 2015, after a renovation of great magnitude. Inaugurated in 1938, the Trocadero building built for the Universal Exhibition of 1937, the museum had kept the large glass and metal walkways, designed by architect Gabriel Davioud This museum laboratory in 1878, dedicated to the history humanity is radically modernized and equipped with the latest interactive features. The site is very advanced, the structural work nearing completion. But there are still empty of its collections, 500,000 prehistoric artifacts, 18,000 and 120 mummies skulls, among others. Large volumes recovered and the view of the Eiffel Tower through its large circular arc following the curve of the building.

Museum of Man, 17, place du Trocadéro be appreciated , Paris 16 th . The site is no longer taking reservations .


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