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“Saint Laurent” YSL, a life of absences and ellipses – The World

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Jérémie Renier and Gaspard Ulliel in the French film by Bertrand Bonello, & quot; Saint Laurent & quot ;.

The biopic, this special category of film especially popular lately, probably corresponds to a desire to satisfy demand specifically, that of a public both in search of truth (the novel leans on a piece of history) and meaning, be it illusory (what determined the life of a subject than fiction rebuilt under the eyes of the beholder)

Read the interview Bertrand Bonello:. “Go closer Yves”

Often The story opens with a moment of suspension that condenses an essential contradiction in the character’s life and serves as a starting point to a linear rise of its existence. Character in question, therefore, somewhat childishly, to reveal the secret.

The film by Bertrand Bonello, who has just signed arguably his most extensive and most accomplished work, does not work on biases also simplistic. The time is not only in Saint Laurent , immediate and contingent data. It is the same about the film, the subject matter of the filmmaker will build his own reverie.


A man from behind, reserve, under the name of Swann, a room in what we guess to be a great hotel. It is a shadow that later takes makes …


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