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3 Hearts “Benoit Poelvoorde is an actor who charms me … – Screenrush

Meeting with Benoit Jacquot, director of “3 Hearts” released today in cinemas. A sentimental thriller led by Benoit Poelvoorde, torn between his love for two sisters (Chiara Mastroianni and Charlotte Gainsbourg).

Screenrush: “3 Hearts” is a mix of genre. it is a sentimental drama crossed with a thriller and even a touch of fantasy. Was it a desire that came from the start of the project

Benoit Jacquot, director: There was that from the very outset. What interests me, what fascinates me a lot in film, the stories of the heart are often treated as charming moment, delicious, sweet, almost syrupy at times. When in fact, if we try, and that is one of the most shared things in the world, it is a promise of happiness. But it is a promise that anxiety.

This simple anxiety that can take anyone when he went for the first time to an appointment, saying that the Like the beat that grabs the heart as a vital organ, and not as poetic organ or sense, is taking something as dramatic, painful possibly for any criminal events or otherwise horrific situation Sometimes in life.

When you are about to start a love story, it is in an extremely pathological condition. We are sick of love. A love that does not in this state is not a love. I really wanted to make a film that does involve feelings that way, like a thriller, a suspense.

Benoit Jacquot, director of “3 Hearts”

I constructed the film so that, as in a thriller, like a Hitchcock movie, the viewer always knows before the protagonists what happens to them. The audience knows from the start that the two women will meet this man are sisters, while he does not know. Immediately, it created a suspense.

Have you had a crush somehow just for Benoit Poelvoorde? I understand that you really want to run with him in a central role, you who filmed much of women in leading roles before …

Benoit Poelvoorde is an actor who has long charm me enormously, very important to me too. In terms of filmography, it is not Gerard Depardieu, it’s not Isabelle Huppert, but wherever it is, whatever the film, the registry, it takes something that’s up to him. He brings something that lives in the film such that it increased level at light speed.

I am very sensitive to that so I was extremely desire to make a film with him, would -what to tell me he was going to raise the film unbelievable speed

Interview September 8, 2014, in Paris

Benoit Poelvoorde, the interview blind-test performed on the occasion of the release of “3 Hearts”:

Benoît Poelvoorde Interview


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