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Deauville 2014 – Day 9: Whiplash triumph, Sin City 2 concludes – Screenrush

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Deauville 2014 – Day 9: Whiplash triumph, Sin City 2 concludes

By Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Sunday, September 14, 2014 – There are 2 hours and 3 minutes

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Two new awards for “Whiplash”, “Sin City 2″ shown in preview, a Michel d’Ornano Prize exciting and rab ‘interviews: return on the last day of the Festival of Deauville.

All good things come to an end, and the 40th American Film Festival of Deauville is no exception to the rule. But before leaving, return the triumph of Whiplash the charts, presentations Sin City 2 and She loves and our latest interviews of this edition.

The movie day

Sin City I killed for it Robert Rodriguez & amp; Frank Miller – With Eva Green, Josh Brolin … – Preview – Output Sept. 17

If Woody Allen open the Festival with humor, romance and magic, it’s a cocktail of sex, violence and darkness waiting spectators to the extent of terminating the festivities. Nine years after the initial release, the City of Sin City opens its doors again, time for a feature film that is both office on that prequel, depending on the character being referred. Marv (Mickey Rourke), Nancy (Jessica Alba) and Hartigan (Bruce Willis) is back as well, Dwight this time the features of Josh Brolin , and all these people is joined by the new kids to class Eva Green and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

new cast, so side, but not really in terms of graphics. This does not preclude Sin City: I killed for it to be quite strong visually and give, once again, the impression that the comic Frank Miller (now on stage for this preview) animates our eyes. A little too disjointed in how to move from one plot to another, the story is itself less convincing and exposes some lengths. Not enough to make the whole unpleasant though.

The following were also presented:

She loves (Price Michel d’Ornano) – Whereas on September 24 in our rooms, She loves Jeanne Herry won the Best First Film French, which guarantees him a helper for distribution abroad. A reward fully justified for the feature film, bright and very well written that evokes particular topics of fans and compulsive lying cop comedy. It is better to know as little as possible about the history, however, doing Kiberlain and Laurent Lafitte will deliver benefits high-flying and the film is far from perfect.

Infinitely Polar Bear (Preview) – Other first film, came from the United States this time around. Writer, among others, against Aliens Monsters, Maya Forbes happening for the first time behind the camera with this comedy drama inspired much of his childhood with bipolar father. A complicated subject that director discusses brightly, although helped by a Mark Ruffalo definitely able to play everything, and two young performers (including his daughter) convincing. Nice and touching in its last stage, if not very original.

The stars of the day

When his presence in Competition was announced, it was already the favorite. Following its projection Deauville on Thursday Whiplash has become the darling of the festival. Remained whether Damien Chazelle and Miles Teller had also convinced the jury of Costa-Gavras, and the answer is yes. After climbing on stage to receive an Audience Award that we felt was coming from the recall candidates, where he championed the applause, the director and the actor is back on stage to receive the Grand Prize of the Jury .

Two new trophies are four total earned by the feature film, acclaimed wherever he goes since his triumph at Sundance (Audience Award and Grand Prix as well) in January rewards. Enthusiastically to each of the two stages of their coronation, Damien Chazelle Miles Teller have thus overshadow Frank Miller , and likely to hear about Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards and Oscars in the coming months.

Whereas the poster Divergente 2 and Fantastic Four in 2015, the actor and not forget his first visit to France (and Europe). He also said he would retain fond memories of his time at Deauville, knowing that the city will in turn kept “a lot of my money, lost at the casino.” And a sentence from day one

At the micro

Last screened in Competition movie, Love Is Strange earned its director Ira Sachs, a nice reception from the public for its third coming on stage. Centered on a gay drama, the drama had spoken to him in the United States, leaving rated R (not suitable for under 17 unaccompanied) on August 22. Is the same rate as for Sin City 2 , which is more than surprising.

“I agree” , we answered the filmmaker . “ I do not think this is due to the sexuality of the characters but by this ridiculous rule that you can not say” Motherfucker “on the screen without a scoop A. Except they have the opportunity to make different choices based on the film, it’s not set in stone. What annoys me is that we shot scenes in public school in which my husband, who is also a painter, is a professor of art. An output was expected that students go see the movie, but the main learned he was rated R, and they could not go, I find it unfortunate . “

A decision may seem ironic insofar as the feature shows one of the characters returned to the Catholic school where he teaches as a result of her marriage, practical enough current overseas: “Mauricio Zacharias, my co-writer, and I had read an article about the director of a Catholic school in the Midwest dismissed because he had married her husband. It seemed to us a good starting point for a drama. “

Firefight on stage

If Ira Sachs has already signed five feature films, Maya Forbes came to celebrate his first filmmaker on the boards, following spells by Sundance and Toronto: “I always wanted to be a director” , explains one that s is made known as a screenwriter. “But I was frightened by the whole experience and being the person responsible for the success or failure of the film, and I feared time it would require over my family (…) Until I write this scenario that I wanted to shoot something personal and reflective films that mattered to me and made me want to make films, even if the business is now more important than feature films.

So I wrote this script because I wanted to go back to something that close to my heart. But after completing it, I saw no one else but me can realize it. I wanted to primarily protect it and I would have been sad if all the love in it was not good enough transcribed by the other person who would have occupied. I would have been devastated, so I preferred to take the risk of failure rather than letting someone else do it, because I would have at least tried.

I would not a very good model

It also happens that I have three children, whom I regularly advises to take risks, follow their dreams and work hard. So if I did not do it myself, I would not have been a very good model. And it also allowed me to show my daughters that a woman could be responsible and the owner. It took me a while and it has not always been easy. I was not even sure it can be done, because independent films are difficult to assemble. But I figured that even if the film did not see the day, my daughter would have seen that I tried, which was good too (laughs) “

In the end, Infinitely Polar Bear is definitely there, and pretty feel-good movie is announced in French theaters in spring 2015

It tweets on the boards.:

(The Revelation Jury Cartier has indeed given its price after a speech mixing dance, sequins, self-translation and discussion of the definition of the term “revelation”)

And if not …

  • Last Day, and the second standing ovation of the Festival. For a French film this time around, since it is She loves Jeanne Herry Price Michel d’Ornano, who was warmly applauded at the end of its projection. Auspicious before its theatrical release on September 24 .
  • She loves that has publicly praised Vincent Lindon, welcoming in particular Laurent Lafitte and Kiberlain , that he jokingly described as a young actress he had never seen before.
  • Winner of Revelation Cartier A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Ana Lily Amirpour had just won a copy the comic Sin City in his luggage when flying to France, unaware that Frank Miller is in Deauville at the same time. No doubt she will walk away with a trophy Deauville and dedication.

Deauville 2014, is well finished. But you can find the complete results through our article, relive day by day through the links below the video that follows the 40th edition, and see you next year, same place, same time.

The team of “Sin City 2″ at the microphone:

Jessica Alba Interview


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