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20 years of “Friends”: “I watched a dozen times each … –

TV SERIES – Fan Club French of “Friends”, which from 1997 to 2004 met weekly to see the episodes, organized a meeting this Saturday for the 20th anniversary of the series …

“I have not told anyone that I had, we would have called me a calibrated. And they have good reason, “says Jennifer (” with two n, like Jennifer Aniston ‘). 60-70 people on Saturday as the Financial, pub Montparnasse, the young intern in medicine for 28 years has been tempted by the call of the French Fan Club of Friends.

There are 20 years, September 22, 1994, the Friends came on NBC, to stay there for ten years until May 2004 From 1997 to 2004 the Fan Club meets in fifteen cities in France. Evenings each week. Weekends, even. An encyclopedia. This is far, far, “must not lie, we all moved on,” but Franck Beulé, the founder of the club, wanted to “make a point”, with a meeting and a projection.

Fourteen minutes saved

There are so many cults moment. Could not resist Chandler, stuck in a bank with Jill Goodacre. In buggery lead Ross (“I’m fine!”) When he gets home Joey and Rachel briefly a couple.

 The sublime video for “Smelly Cat.” A Gunther and Rachel. Discover, for each couple Monica-Chandler. Franck concocted pleasurable thematic montages, and the room – their thirties, some younger, most of them girls – do not hide his pleasure. As a bonus, deleted scenes, recovered – with a breathtaking Patience – US versions cut for the French broadcast. S ourire glorious “on episode 923, there are 14 minutes you have not seen.” You’re a fan or you do not. Two hours projo “two months of work ‘for Franck, a little disappointed registrants outnumbered Facebook

A disease . “

” All moved on, “really? William Allan and Sami have seen all the episodes of “at least three times.” Marc has just re-watched this year. Anne-Laure, 31, “ten times, easy.” But Jennifer is the undisputed champion. A little embarrassed, she replied: “It is a disease … maybe twenty times each episode.” This summer she is “settled in” by moving. The box of tapes dusted, poof, it was gone.

“This is my adolescence … It’s a base, a bubble. It gave me the light in moments of doubt. ” In the 2000s, she was on a site, All About Friends, with a pseudo , but this is his first meeting. The quiz (very, very high level), it does not dry once. Frank is forced to ask him to let others respond.

No hollow

Sami was “afraid.” “I told myself I’ll fall on big geeks.” Katia does not “would be moved to any other series.” For, of course, “No Friends series can match.” Many cite How I met Big Bang Theory . But “Friends, it’s funny, it’s always been funny. No low season, no lows. And humor has not aged. ” Some have followed the series of actors, Joey Cougar Town , not all. “ Episodes , it is really good”

& gt;. & Gt; Series: The five spiritual son of “Friends”

A baby and crying

Thomas is powered ten years ago. In 1998, he had just arrived in Paris, “was looking for a place to watch Friends.” Franck had created the site a year ago, “just to learn how to make a website, Internet was starting,” and then started dating ” When France 2 has acquired the rights, Jimmy’s lost, it was the drama. We said, if Jimmy keeps VO is created meetings every week. At first, it was 150. ” Through the club, “there have been weddings, a baby,” says Thomas. “A little Emma, ​​the daughter of Ross and Rachel.”

A selection of his videos, Franck joined the final scene. Silence in the pub, rather like ten years ago. “Guys were crying, it was collective, it was awesome. In the bar, there was a hundred, not a sound, trying to design the thing. We lived Friends together, not in our couch. Those who have not experienced do not understand. “

 * Annabelle Laurent


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