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Jean-Charles Hue: the gun, the dud, the camera – The World

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Director Jean-Charles Hue.

Two feature films. It does not take more to propel Jean-Charles Hue, 46, among the major heterodox French cinema. The first, in 2011, was called The WB Lord. The second, Eat your dead , was released Wednesday, Sept. 17, after being acclaimed in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes in May. Both titles carry a long companionship with a Yenish relatives, people of lesser known as Roma travel, bandits of honor and Pentecostal saints and martyrs, and scrap défourailleurs. It is with them in a documentary and fictional imponderable mix, Jean-Charles Hue considering filmmaking

Read reviews “Eat your dead”. Between the steering and baptism, Jason hesitates and “The Lord of the BM ‘heroic lurch among travelers

And together they dream their lives, confabulate their roles, celebrating the great shamanic art of truth and falsehood somewhere between film noir and the Martin Scorsese film-poetic anthropology at the Jean Rouch. The result is a rare power, a total singularity in the French art world.

We had to go at length to meet to try to understand where we came, exactly, the executor of a film contract as eccentric as this one. The meeting with the “little céfran” , as it pin himself when he wants to emphasize the absence of qualities which sharpened his unquenchable thirst for adventure will be revealed astonishing.

Hue, …


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