Wednesday, September 24, 2014

After “She loves” projects Kiberlain – Screenrush

After “She loves” projects Kiberlain

Corentin Palanchini ▪ Wednesday, September 24, 2014 – There are 5 minutes

Today in the poster of “She loves” Jeanne Herry, Kiberlain has several projects in film, including the upcoming movie Bruno Podalydes.

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Kiberlain is since today poster She adores in which she played a groupie fan of the singer played by Laurent Lafitte. Césarisée last February for comedy closes 9 months played and conducted by Albert Dupontel, discover upcoming films of actress requested:

  • Florida by Philippe Le Guay: reports that turns from September 16 to October 25, the new film by Philippe Le Guay (Women on the 6th Floor, Alceste bicycle). This film will present a Jean Rochefort, whose character in great shape at 80 , visits on a whim to her daughter (Kiberlain) based in Miami. But what events were suddenly triggered this trip? Answer next year in theaters.
  • Like a plane Podalydès produced by Why Not Productions, the film brings together for this comedy actresses Jaoui and Kiberlain, Denis and Michel Vuillermoz Podalydès among others. Like a plane turned in August at Foulon, and Bruno Podalydes it will play the lead role
  • Midnight swim Benoît Jacquot. director who is speaks best micro Allociné Basically, I need to make a film in the first half of next year, called Midnight swim with Kiberlain and Vincent Lindon for moment. (…) It comes from an American book that friends producers gave me to read in English, and from which we have written a script that takes place in France “, us he said. The production will be performed by ARP Selection, which referred to the scenario in the columns of the French Film. A threat from the past emerged a bourgeois family imploded There suspense and the irony “. The film is billed as turning in early next year.

Check out the trailer for “She loves”, currently on view :

She loves Trailer

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