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Gaspard Ulliel in the shoes of “Yves” – Le Monde

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Gaspard Ulliel at the press conference of the film by Bertrand Bonello, & quot; Saint Laurent & quot ;, 67th Cannes Film Festival , May 17, 2014

Parents who work in fashion, film studies at the university of Saint-Denis, a banal film curriculum until the day the we propose to Gaspard Ulliel in Hannibal to be Hannibal Lecter , Peter Webber. A big Hollywood production, and then again a few roles over here, and there. Meanwhile, a commercial for Chanel made by Martin Scorcese (Blue perfume.)

And then one day the phone rings. Bertrand Bonello asked him to do a screen test. “The first time we met, we talked mostly about the voice of Saint Lawrence. Bertrand described it as a mixture of fragility and grace , says the actor. We quickly agreed both on the idea of ​​not trying to reproduce reality, to circumvent the kind of biopic to take back this story. It was, it seemed to us, the only way to be sincere and to allow the emotion to flow. “

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After these months in the skin of “Yves,” we wanted to ask Gaspard Ulliel to do the portrait. “This is an impossible exercise. This is also what is very hard with this film, the mystery is intact at the end. . As if we had not managed to penetrate the mystery of genius “

So ask the question differently: Saint Laurent you played, how was it? “This is someone who has lived all his life in a kind of quarantine. This solitude, this …


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